CRW Reward/ Non-Ascendable Spencer


What is happening at Scopely? I ask because as pessimistic as I am, i can’t belive they are continually breaking these promises on purpose; can they? I am referencing specifically the comments by the head developer that war rewards would be ascendable five stars, and then most recently by the entire Live Ops, that we would get a ascendable 5* after their recent goof with the Spencer war. But yet here we are, confirmed by @kalishane that we will get Spencer and he is a 5* that is not ascendable.


I’m glad he won’t be ascendable, he’s way too big of a power creep compared to these recent toons that have been released.

One turn stun? GG Madison and Erika /s.


Yeah, in the current meta, this character is nothing but ascendance fodder. You could probably count the number of viable 5* characters on one hand, and he ain’t even on a toe. At least 5* tokens would give us a remote chance at an ascendable character that could help us.



Something tells me Scopely lies somewhere beyond the outskirts of Grown Up Land where people are expected to do their job satisfactorily and be responsible for their actions and held accountable for them when necessary.

Instead we have a culture where they spin, redact and ret-con for every misstep that comes up.


A 6*, an ascendable 5*, a non ascendable 5*, or a large sum of tokens as the top prizes affects me in no shape or form (other than what I will have to compete against in the following days), yet this mess still has the ability to frustrate me.

War loses it’s meaning when the thing you’re fighting for has decreased in value significantly. What’s the point in participating in the most distinctive tournament type in the game if you’re not competing for the something unique from the other tournaments? Why do we need to go through this awkward mess of “We don’t have what you want right now.” “Umm… yeah you do. Here, here and here. Leaked several months ago.” ?


This is the key motivator for my faction. I would say 70% of us are in this faction because of how war used to be. We wanted prizes worth gaming for, so we gathered up the grinders into this faction.

People were tired of doing 200K war points for Caroline. Now even 1st place is basically getting “Caroline”

It’s like a punch in the gut

I know 6* can’t be a war prize at the moment because of lack of 6 (although Madison would have been perfect CRW) but a single 5* is useless


Spot on.

Pre-ascension, unique war prizing pushed engagement. (e.g. yellow commando-maggie that wasn’t really up for grabs because of failed-CRW, but something of THAT level during that meta) Now, it’s just like any other event.

When a product’s flagship feature (war) becomes not so unique anymore …


I’m seriously frustrated with you guys. I’m getting closer to quitting every day due to being totally blind to the death spiral of this game and your deaf to the players sounding the alarm. We give our feedback over and over, and yet your actions show your team doesn’t give a fuck!

Spencer is effectively a blue version of chuck or Rod. Those are 4* characters that haven’t been part of the meta for over a year. Hes not even ascendable.

The first CRW Andrea was given out for 3rd and 4th. A similar toon with a stun thats actually pretty useful, as its 2 turns long.

So here we are in a completely new 6* meta. By comparison the prize for that first CRW, Command Maggie is now on the 5* wheel. Shes one of the dozen or so decent 5* left.

You are seriously going to tell us that you are giving away a prize that’s significantly worse than the 3RD PLACE PRIZE FROM ALMOST 5 MONTHS AGO!!!??? This is about as worthwhile as a Benedict.

Thats like telling us that the new war prize will be a brand new 4* for war back in the 5* days. There are a handful of good 5*. I gave out several examples of a prize structure that isn’t overpowered, keeps your promises, and would make the players pretty happy, without requiring ANY NEW WORK!!!