CRW prizes SUCK

Only the top 4 factions get a pull. Complete bullshit. Why even bother wasting time on this shit show. Bring back AOW.


Top 6 if you get 200k milestone…

You get alot more individual items though. So hard to declare value. I know the headliner is always the focus. But there’s a good bit of value in there.


Correction the milestones are fine. The faction rewards and that stash are…well let’s just ask Bart what he thinks about it.



GPS and canteen in crw… Bring on more crw!


AOW needs to die. Regions can’t support that format any more. I’m in a high pop region and we have like 6 active factions. A weekend of wars against whale factions is no bueno.

They just need to stop being so stingy with the faction rewards. Top 25 should be the top 3 from each region so start making the rewards reflect that instead of only the top 5 teams from eight regions.

Also the only people who will earn a free toon are the people who absolutely do not need any one of those. Why would anyone bust their ass to make 1st for that crap? Clearly this weekend it’s 200k and done.


I don’t think anyone can argue that the toons were better in AOW. This is typical scopely lately. Start with something appealing and then slowly scale it down. Unreal.


CRW would be way better if they’d scale the rewards better


crw as a whole sucks


I think it’s safe to say most people generally could care less about what’s in the stash except for the bag that contains the ascendable.

In this case, all 4 are hot piles of garbage.


I have 7 of each. I would think they don’t benefit most people without the other gear.

The other gear is part of the milestones too. Bring on more CRW


1 of each… So generous.

I wonder what these people use their gps and canteens on lol. I use like ten toons.



I only came to the forum tonight to see who would be inevitably complaining about something about crw.

I was not dissapointed.

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These days I’m thankfull for a canteen and a gps. Stockholm syndrome ?

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Waste of time, I won’t bother warring.

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Also war tokens info sd points again, wtf?


Idk why it’s so hard to understand scaling.

They understand just dont care. They know top 3 facs are more likely to spend if they dont get a pull because they are used to getting those type of rewards. I was originally in number 1 fac stepped down to a still very active but not as strong fac for time being. We have a french region and some pretty good en regions so we arent doing anywhere near top 6. Even top fac is likely to barley if even get top 6.
Ill hit 200k like always but depending on rank im not spending 20$ dollars for a pull.
Why not give tokens on each milestone. They would likely see alot more people warring hard and more likely to spend only missing a few tokens.
This new rewards system needs a huge restructuring if they plan on continued use.