CRW post by scopley

It was there for a minute. Then removed.

Why? It was all messed up. Rewards better for lower placement. Box B better than box A. Not enough war tokens for a pull. 5 rotten heads for lower factions.

Good job

Did you even read the post? It was titled AOW not CRW. Also you’re already jumping to conclusions about the boxes, maybe you get more of one box than the other, lots of ways for this to work out.

Nope, OP is right. Pretty sure I saw a crw post now all that remains is the AoW post


Yeah but… it’s Scopely :joy:

Maggie was released today… another thing that worked out.

It was titled CRW.

Yeah they waited till the last possible minute to release a promised toon… after already pushing her back from mid-October. Keeping everyone guessing and with basically zero communication throughout the process. Worked out great tho. :roll_eyes:

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