CRW participation

197 factions have been in at least 1 war. That averages about 22 factions per region. Only 97 have at least 10 wars in.

Edit: These numbers are from the CRW my region is in.

This game is so dead.


Where do you get these numbers from? Curious as id like to be able to find this info without going to each region. Also this game will be alive till every single penny is milked


Isnt that the point of crw? It’s not easy for factions rank 5 and below to constantly que 8.

My region.

It’s about the same in my bracket only less total factions on the board and less with more than 10 wars. Keep putting out bad rewards and keep taking away incentive to fight and this is what you get. Growing disinterest in the premier event. Sure the ones that seek to brag that their faction is top dog still come and drop coins to prove their promo team is better than yours. But as some have said those " parasites" ftp that they are so eager to get rid of find less to fight for other than some scraps of gear so they just don’t bother for the most part. The ones at the top still don’t see the problem that is growing in the game cause they still get the best of the bad rewards need them or not and are happy to slap each other on the back as they roll over weaker factions on the way to glory. No hate for the top dogs they deserve to get the best they earned it. However as the disparity continues to grow and the gap widens between the haves and have nots the activity amongst all regions will continue to dwindle. Then once the masses and the lower ranks are the majority have had enough there will be no more for the minority to play with. Scopley either don’t care or are banking on this cause they really are not giving anyone not at the top to fight for anymore.

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This is how I feel. Lowest participation and logically, lowest ranking my faction has ever had. Might have something to do with the lowest fun factor the game has ever had. Between the Spenders Club super Andrea, Shield Revive meta, and absolutely crap rewards, I’m hard pressed to find a fuck to give.


The way they do stashes stink. Let people carry over tokens from war to war and earn an actual reward of their choosing instead of having to use them all on the garbage you have littered the stash with or forfeit them.

No one wants to war for this. No one.

Also am I the only one still bothered that we can’t see whats in the secondary stashes? No one likes surprises especially when we can assume it’s just more trash based on the first stash. If people saw something worthwhile they would be more inclined to spend to complete a shash.


They obviously haven’t been giving a shit about what players say.


Express tokens and similar ones previously. First offer’s to entice players but they will NEVER tell you the subsequent offers that have exponentially increased costs and what those offers entail.

Basically, they just love keeping players in the dark. Someone has to be a sacrificial lamb to find out but at the cost of his wallet.

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Lowest participation from my crew the aren’t giving us much of an incentive at this point

My matchup has 148 with one and 93 with 10 wars or more

You should replace JB lol
my faction is in 50th place atm, and if we keep getting these shit stashes, my faction will never get anything good.

205 factions on the board in my group.

wonder how long french survivors took to come up with their name lol

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Hard elite booohooo

Wut? OK den

These dudes r annoying, getting banned then creating new accounts

Russian hackers I suppose? Don’t give enough of a crap to worry about that anymore.

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This has honestly been one of the worst for participation ive been in, especially with it being a stash and anyone out of the top wont get anything decent doesnt help

Tha game is not dead…just the war.

118 total factions participate in my crw and 70 have 10+ wars.

This shows that no matter how much trash they out up for rewards people will still do anything to win.

these guys each time we faced them both were able to score over 6k in 4 hits in less than 4 minutes. #cheattowincrap…