CRW or Region War Rewards


Been with the game since the beginning and almost prestige 13 so i’ve invested a bit… ok more then a bit. All the game improvements have been a freshness that this game needs. Great job! BUT i would like to know if the rewards are ever gonna change to legendary/ascendable 6*. I’m ready to call it quits. There is no more reason to play for me. Instead of winning toons that i can level up to use for future wars all I’m doing is purchasing toons to use for future wars to win what?

If you know this won’t happen next war please tell me so i can just wrap things up and move on.

Thank You it was a fun ride.


Silence will pretty much mean they are going to be the same. Also they may consider your topic as a “goodbye thread” which one is prohibited

I know this topic has been discussed ad nauseam, but I am in agreement. As a 2+ year (and solid prestige 12) player it would be great to have a solid answer on the future plan for war rewards. I know the argument about game imbalance and I completely understand the need to ensure that F2P are able to compete. But, having said that, as a loyal and long tenured member of RTS it would help me game plan my next move and my future as part of this community if I knew the long term (or even short term) strategy for war rewards.

@kalishane any insight or rationale would be greatly appreciated at this point. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Actually having toons as prize was a way to be competitive for f2p players. A grinder was able to be in top faction and be stronger with the toons win in tourney. Now good toons are exclusively for spenders and you can’t really compete without pull for prestige.

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