CRW Nemesis team

Post SS of the most windowless, powerful and well built teams that you face during CR Wars :slight_smile:

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They were all the same… “We are Mirabelle”


This is a forecast thread, I’ll hope it will live long enough, so feel free to come back in here and post some new teams (in 2k20 mb?) :thinking::wink:

Great thread idea!

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All toons of your team have special crit weapons

All of warpigs were tough, they spanked our little bottoms red.

Windowless is all special crit weapons on defence so you cant successfully build ar up on first turn so the team all hold ap down,stun,impair or abs, not just special weapons

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Cmon guys :slight_smile:

This… Most of that region was like constantly facing omega on repeat. Scopleys crw matchmaking is beyond horrible.

Few nice setups, bunch of stuns, ap down and stuff