CRW needs fixed before it goes live


Ive sent PMs to 4 employees, as I was directed instead of putting name out there.

Im doing this for US the community and you seriously need to take the time to hear me out and listen

Im trying to help…but its like youre ignoring me.
Im unsure what the end game is? Are you wanting to force people into not playing any longer?

Lets not make this a bash thread where it gets shut down.

But these rewards are a MAJOR downgrade from last CRW, I just dont understand the thought process to think its okay to do this to the player base.

I am also extremely confused by the lack of understanding. Its simple really give us rewards that are worth fighting for and youll hear much less complaining and youll profit from this weekend.

This is hard to stomach when your favorite game has the potential to be amazing and the player base has to be left disappointed yet again on a war weekend.

Regions after this war…itll be a waste to have CRW anymore. Youll need to merge regions because all will and drive to fight is completely gone…and it rest solely on the prizes being so underwhelming. This is a regular war prize structure.


Yeah if this was a regular war, the prizes are okay! Could be better but still okay. But for CRW it’s ridiculous.

We spend money on the game for make believe items (that they over price anyway) it wouldn’t cost scopley any money to give us better prizes if anything they would make more money as we would be willing to fight hard for solid prizes!!!

The motivation to play this game is nearly gone for me. I’m seeing faction mates quit on a regular basis and our region is nearly completely out of active factions.

This is an awesome game but unfortunately the devs and Shane don’t have the brain power or ability to take this game to the heights it could hit!

I really hope they pull their heads out there arse soon and realise if they just put a little time into prizes this could be the best game on the Internet!


Yeah I totally agree they are making a fool out of us for giving us so shit prizes. Imagine fighting among 4 regions ( because last crw my faction got 3 other regions) and placing 4th not being able to even get a 5* pull, it’s gonna leave people sour and ready to quit but I think that’s what scopely wants.


If prizes aren’t changed I’m done. P12 here. They changed spencer hours before so we know they can change them. After the backlash last night, if they don’t change them we know they don’t care.


I agree 100%. It’s a sad state this game is in. We keep hearing "Things will get better"
Honestly not sure how much longer I can wait. Things are NOT getting better they’re getting far far worse each tournament. Who wants to play all weekend for that trash?
We’re all passionate about this game. We’ve all invested loads of time/money into it. Probably why we constantly complain when things are so bad and we feel so unfairly treated by a company who have a great game in their hands. But unfortunately just dont seem to care about the people who play it and pay their salaries.
This forum was created to give feedback be it positive or negative. A voice of the people. That right now just isn’t being listened to. People are leaving this game daily.
Wake up now Scopley or it will be over before you know it. If you seriously want this game to last for us and your employees act now. Not tomorrow.


The prizes are not okay even for a regular war. It’s just the same old stupid tokens where some will get lucky and pull Shiva Force Rick and others will cry with Christa and Vernon. It comes to a point where it doesn’t matter if you win or finish 10th. We all get tokens and… good luck with them.

Scopely you’re seriously killing yourself with this shit. All but newest regions are already damaged in terms of activity. Do you think someone is gonna pull for premier recruits when there are only 200 people scoring in solo tournaments?

If this trend continues you can shut down the servers before Christmas :wink:


It’s like LiveOps does this shit on purpose just to spite us…


So bitterly disappointing to have these as rewards. Scopely should know by now after so many recent backlashes as to what is expected. To feign ignorance as to what the community would feel would be adequate prizes is beyond belief. Shameful.


Lol you dont understand ?
Scope will note give ascendance character anymore…
You want these toons go spend money money and money…


I will attach this here as it has garnered a good number of likes and is buried and relevant input reinforcing OPs intent. I’d quote but the dragging just was driving me mad when it keep over shooting.


Most factions war for position rather than prizes, because the prizes have never been good. For example, 4th place faction will out score 10th by 1 million even though the prizes are the same. This is why prizes stay uninspiring, because people war and pay to do it whatever the prizes are


Another useful piece of insight posting here for visibility


@TheGovofPike i totally agree with you, with the current rewards people won’t even fight for normal war yet this is a CRW. If something happens once you can call it an accident and forgive that easily but if something is happening consistently it is not an accident at all and it is done on purpose. In this case it is low quality rewards.


I think this is a misleading narrative. I would say the top 3-5 factions war for both position AND prizes, whereas the lower ranking factions war for prizes. Also 4th scores 1 million more than 10th usually because 4th is generally more active than 10th, not because they are fighting for position.


But they could just take the last 24 hours off and still get top 10. They’re warring for fun or position, not prizes


See, now you’re altering your narrative a little because you know position doesn’t drive everything for “most” factions. Yes I would say they are also warring for fun, but once you get down to the lower ranks, it’s not so much about position anymore and more about prizes to better your team and to have fun doing it.


My narrative is the same. First place faction always goes for #1 regardless of prize. Second faction holds second and third holds 3rd. 4th place always massively out scores 10th, and could sit out half the war if they were only interested in prizes. Below that, factions war as much as they can, but not so much because of activity. Prizes are the last consideration in war, people enjoy playing and they want to place as best as possible.


Hell, you hate the game and nuked your account. Yet, your playing again, and its certainly not for the prizea


Nope. I loved the game, hated the game management. I wouldn’t call it playing. I play maybe an hour a day and it was only because I was asked by @Galaxy42 as part of an experiment. I just downloaded that new South Park game, so I’m hoping it will be a good replacement.


Any closer you that first 5* yet? Got a 4* maxed so you could ascend into one?