Crw more like Cross region hell


Okay. I like crw i dont despise it but i HATE when we get hacker factions with triple lydia teams with the most OP shit you’ve ever seen. Its really annoying to find factions with the most OP teams and its not fair for anyone who plays for so many hours and they cant beat a team in crw. Tbh if you face a hacker faction theres literally no challenge for them to win crw… What are your guy’s thoughts?


The 100% stun resist people yay


I hate CRW just for lack or rewards and etc, though last CRW they did step it up a bit.


Our faction came across other factions much lower reputation than us and most players had s10 teams or pretty much those teams you would have to spend tens of thousands on yet they pres 8 and low pres like that. Of course I wouldn’t let em win me and my second in command coined and our refilled them and we won in the end with clever tower work but yeah it’s bs something needs doing.


100% agree


Hackers suck in crw because you can’t hack activity


Lydia teams are my favorite to face. Super fast and easy.


We faced hackers. They didn’t place top 3 in crw so it’s not really working for them.


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