Crw Matchups seem rigged

We are a rank 34 faction in CRW, so far in this war starting, November 1st, 2019, we have had 20 wars and 17 of them have been matches against the rank of top 15 factions. I don’t see this as a fair opportunity to war. I understand that the search matches you with other factions that are currently searching as well. With that being said I see other factions that are MUCH lower in strength getting matched with rank 80 plus EVERY SEARCH, and how now accumulated a ridiculous amount of points. (Data collected from line chat Ss) Seems like we have extreme bad luck or something in game is making this happen? Any insightful input would help, thanks.

Matched, rank 6

It’s based on many things, your team grade for one. Also the top factions war a lot more so they are more likely to be queuing when you are. Keep surviving