CRW Matchups broken or what ? Coosa is bae


Our 3rd crw against coosa so at this point I can say coosa is bae. It’s ok fighting them and everything but what about other regions , we want new meat scopely not just other 2 regions


What’s the point of they are just gonna put us with the same opponents over and over, they have made war boring enough without this shit.


Yep feels like we have merged with coosa at this point. Was really thinking there’s no way they will match us with coosa again…and then it happened why I keep being surprised is beyond me…guess that makes me insane…same thing over and over and expecting outcome to be different…seeing that scope refuses to listen yet here I am posting the same basic message again and hoping things will change.


Good luck in war guys :heart: Coosa


Coosa is bae , scopely better merge us with them at this point since they keep matching us together haha


If they find a particular match up makes them $$$, expect it to be stick.

This is $copley clowns you are talking about… why else would they keep you paired?