Crw matchups are bogus

Why are foreign regions matched with en regions there are enough in each to face each other the language barrier defeats the fun and also most of those regions are filled with cheaters
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Doesn’t matter now anyway because they killed War for the f2p with this 15 region bs since every match is basically against a whale faction now.

Do the smart thing and don’t waste your entire weekend for the same tired rewards.


This is assuming 3/4ths of competing factions even get war tokens as prizes. It’s also assuming half of that 1/4 who do will actually get to pull.

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Even with 15 regions the matchups are generally ok for lower factions

The prizes indicate that is AOW according to Vk.

Seemed actually better in my opinion, in the 15 region crws we mostly ended up with factions not too far off our own level, 8 regions it tended to be very one-sided. It’s just the rewards that are worse.

Yea the reward structure is bogus

Unfortunately that is not the case for Dyer. The region is 2 months old. We have not one player over level 100 and maybe 20 above 75. The #1 faction is in the gold league and yet is playing in platinum. It seems utterly ridiculous to throw a new faction to the wolves

Yea a new region should never be in crw lol to be honest at best 6 months old

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Totally spot on CRW is dead for us🤗

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