CRW matchups and groups

@GR.Scopely is there anyway we could get the matchups and groups for this crw. Also the war stash details would be great too.


Vk will probably have the stash details soon

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Kinda sad how we have to rely on a third party to know basic information about upcoming events.


Especially being as we now have 2 community managers to get information from

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Yeah its very important thing .whales noob should jumping on same bad … if they don’t know group .they will be wrong room and bad night

Liiiissstt come on!!

Why everyone want that list?Jesus…Crw dont run away from you…But VK shuld leak this soon.

Is that any different than asking for an ascendance list?

Because people want to transfer & specifically match up with certain factions and some want to scope out their opponents and make chat groups for their groupings.

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Seems weird they wouldn’t release the matchups for this reason. If people are looking to transfer for certain matchups, they’re missing capitalizing on the transfer revenue, as well as the inevitable resulting coinfests.


War probably won’t start til Saturday so lots of time yet😂

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Have heard some of the bigger factions plan on moving so they allign in competeing regions. Clash of the whale titans and such.

Hassan vs whales no way for noob to escape

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