CRW Matchups - 2nd Feb


Looking forward to facing you guys from Pike, Coweta and Forsyth later :slight_smile:

What matchups does everyone else have?


Decatur are up against Dougherty, Long and Brantley.

Wish I could remember how many of those have pasted our withering region in a past CRW


We’ve had a Deca troll in Marion of late, was really hoping we’d match you guys.

Want to see if everything he threatened was accurate :slight_smile:

E2A - Some good teams in Brantley, they will be a good matchup, we’ve had them twice of late


A troll from Decatur? Doesn’t sound like anyone from our region…


Thats what he was claiming, every day for the past week


Sumter (my region), Atkinson, Greene, Fulton, Dawson and Baldwin. Came 2nd last CRW



thats a matchup and a half - 6 regions is insane o.O


Hmmm, considering I know who most of the proper trolls are (because they line up in my faction) it sounds like some retired chump or someone who wishes they were from Decatur.

Our region is dying and most wars come down to the last faction of strong actives (mine) against a less active faction propped up by a couple of member’s Visa.


Hahahaha, he’s not a very good troll so it is a possibility :slight_smile:

It seems most of the older regions are getting to the same point now, 1 dominant faction and not a an awful lot else happening below it.

Marion isn’t quite that dead but we aren’t exactly a thriving region either


Nah it’s not. It’s all dead regions hahah. Only about 21 factions in total between the 6.


Wow. So its literally everything that’s dead asf chucked together :frowning:

If its that bad they should just merge the lot of you



Ben Hill has arrived to break up the White / Coosa / Morgan / Cleburne lovefest of the past 2 CRWs


:joy::joy::joy::joy: you’re kidding right? Merging would take over a year apparently, coding and all.

But yes, it’s that bad. Our region alone only has 3 factions as it is. Always guaranteed top 100 in solo events :joy::joy:



Considering “Region Merging is here” was a thing in 2016 I don’t hold out much hope for you to be honest





ALWAYS the same imbalanced matchup with the same regions here! WHY Scopely…


How many regions are getting a character for Rewards