CRW matchup are horrible

Rank 60 in crw and every battle has been top ten and more than half has been top 5 in crw
At least AOW has a more balanced matchup


Gotta feed the egos.

Top teams tend to fill the queue quickly, so matching up with them more often makes sense.


But its happening to every faction in my region
Same factions same OP toons

Top 5 teams in my region are still undefeated i.e. just farming lower factions. Great matchups scopes

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You mean in your group? Because obviously the top 5 in a region are never going to face each other.

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Yes, in the cross region grouping.

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Right waiting half an hour to match against the same faction at night really keeps it balanced :man_shrugging:

Would u rather not match st all?

I’d rather not have a CRW at all if this is what we can expect. 200k milestone that only the top 10 factions will manage to get smh.

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Aow garbage rewards btw, crw more better, trust me.

For whale factions as I’ve said before. That statement you made is false.

How about better rewards for crw for lower factions. No reason to give 5* tokens to factions. Yes its nice if they already have done their pulls and it won’t be SD points but I imagine most need tokens for another pull.
Also making it 4 regions opposed to 8 would really help. I think they need to entirely rethink reward structure and amount of regions. 8 are way too many.

Whales: Feed us!!!

We just had an AOW which not Everyone likes so it is time for crw which not Everyone likes, you got to deal with it like we had to deal with it.

The top 2 finally just had their first battle. We are ranked 8th and over half our battles have been against 50 or lower. We did have a stretch where we had #1, #3, #1, #2 and then #1 again lol… but other than that we are seeing usually 40-70

Im on the side for crw im implying that crw is better due to thw variety of matchups that happen in it.

Yes can’t agree More we are rank 51 and we have had 100+ Wars and about 50 of them have been 1-10 ranked something needs to change!

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