CRW matchmaking needs adjustments

As the title stated I think the matchmaking or “scheduling” of who faces who should be thoroughly looked at before placing them into matches. For example I play in Newberry region has been around since April/May and is not open for transfers yet outbound or inbound. With that being said why are we facing regions that’s have been around for a few years and open to transfers? The region is almost dead and recruiting now is slim to non to compete with what we’re facing. We still put up “some” numbers tho but it would be nice to have an all around decent competition. With that being said here are the regions/ factions we’ve faced this weekend.

That does really suck because region transfers changed the competition. Leaders can now go to any open region and scout for players. Before they were limited to what was in their region. I believe if the region is unopen and there are no regions similar in strength then aow would be the only other way to go. It doesnt matter at this point the age of the region if they are open for transfer. My original region barley has any players left that started there. You guys played some tough factions way to hang best you could tho

I heard about this from a friend in Newberry. I was shocked. It’s quite ridiculous Scopely would think this matching was a acceptable.

They whole games needs adjusting starting from the top.

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