Crw matchmaking mistake?

Were rank 2 in our region but thus war currently lie 24th. Most of the time were up against top 5 and getting beat. I thought that usually your meant to be matched with factions similar to where you are in the leaderboard or is it your faction rank for crw. Lower rank teams in our faction are placed higher than us this war. Can anyone clear this up?

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It is based on avg strength of your teams, aldo we keep getting much heavier teams then we are based on.Aldo it isn’t bad, at least it is constant war, we don’t need to wait much.

Cant be based on average strength bud. Otherwise we wouldnt keep getting the top factions. Weve been put up against top 2 more than any this war and been crushed. Hopefully someone from scopely can clear this cock up on here

It is, it seems circle of matchmaking is larger this war btw.

In the same position with our faction. CRW is a mess and I wish they would can the entire concept

Sadly that dev is wrong as the case seems to be bud. But thanks for your feedback bud

Matchmaking has been the worst of any crw for us.

@kalishane any info on this matter?

Basically everyone has the same team strength of they own 5 6s.

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I think this has been one of the best match up crw for us so far. Getting a great mix up of different teams.

It was so good that I’m gonna waste all coin I have on next promo.

Bit frustrated. Want to fight war pigs (white) and yet to match with them when on… I’m at 400k pts…

Overall comcompetition has been much better. Weapons have become much closer as players hit 125 and outfit their teams. More diversity slowly showing up.

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400k good effort :ok_hand:
And agreed definitely a bit more diversity out there, and quite a few windowless teams.

75 kits and tape is enough to outfit 1 whole team. Think I’ve gotten 8 since they increased the lvl cap. Some less fortunate got 4. But I’m sure I’ll have a long dry spell in the near future.

Same here