CRW Matching Improvements?

Seen a few sporadic topics on this in the past but though I’d dump this here :roll_eyes:
We have matched White & Morgan now at least 3/4 times which seems dumb in itself but…
Wouldn’t it be more fun and benefical for all (including scopely), if matching was based on region strength, aswell as past results.
Im seeing a few of wins 2m+ which imo is a ridculous amount to win by. I enjoy the competition aspect of the game and the matching for me is kind of destroying alot of that. Obviously Regions/Factions are not all at the same level and this should be taken into account.
Imagine a CRW match up of White vs Troup vs Houston vs Choctaw or Coweta vs Columbia vs Bleckley vs Chattahooce(wtf is this name). Be fun to watch that!
All four regions should surely have an equal chance of taking the top places, at the moment its not the case. Its skewed!
Anyway the point is that with increased competition and if all factions believe they can win, take first place, it would be enjoyable and more than likely more profitable for Scopely too.
Video Version (more in depth):


Completely agree with this.
2 CRW ago, saw Dead End, Tigerz, Tropos Ton Theon and Departed Angels matched together.
This war was the best one i’ve ever had and i know many others from these factions felt the same.

All of those factions won their CRW this weekend, my faction won by 2million points which isn’t much fun.
Matching 4 top factions together is so much more fun than what i experienced this weekend.

You would think they’d have designed top placed factions tier against each other over time but all they can do is copy and paste.

It’s more of a hey, look at what regions are nearly as dead as you. And if one is more consolidated than the other, they run away with it.

We’ve been matched with same 2/3 in every war as well. You would think they would just merge us with those three regions. At least it would bring life back into the region when’s it’s not war. Absolute ghost town every other day.