CRW Match ups are messed up


The match ups in CRW are awful. My faction has been matched with top ranking factions almost every time, we haven’t had a chance in hell of winning one battle. As well as this we have been matched with the same faction three times in the space of six hours. What are the pairings based on or are they random?


Saaaame same same.


so demoralising sigh


Rank 2 faction in our region rarely matched with top 5 overall factions in CRW. Got some good points, but lower ranked factions would’ve hated it. :frowning:


As a top ranking faction I can tell you I ha e also been matching with top ranking factions nearly every battle. We know your pain :wink:


Yeah, matching this war has been a total pantload.

We’re ranked 31-ish, going up and down a bit.

Got 5th as a match… Then 5th AGAIN… Then 6th

How hard is it to at least get something in the double digits?

On the bright side, I got to rematch a guy with a really good defense from the 5th faction… But still, c’mon, last war this was not a problem, whatever was changed this time should be changed back.


@kalishane after a search there should be a button to skip a bad match and to search again for an equal faction to war with. Also, we need a little compensation for this problem.


It like reverse for us we placed 2 in 7 region war but only matched with Top faction 6 times witch we evened out 3-3 we faced them on like 4th war didn’t get another match till 30+ hrs later. Don’t get me wrong Revolt from Quitman is hell faction hands down but little f up we barely warred against them


We finished 2nd and barley faced #1 team. Chandler region tho has a brand new faction of their top players and got 3rd


How do you define a “bad match”?

Because this is a ridiculous idea