CRW Major issue


Langage of regions…Some regions are overly favored during CRW simply because of their langage.

Right now, my region (French) is matched against 2 regions that are Spanish speaking.

French-speaking players are mostly concentrated in France. Obviously, most players sleep during the night. But what about spanish-speaking players? They are in Mexico, USA, Spain, South America…they can war 24/24h because smart factions can have players from very different time zones. Same goes for english speaking regions. So as a french-speaking region, the only way to compete is to play all night and have players not sleeping…

Results? My region constantly ranks 3rd. We have stronger players and factions, but we can’t war as often. It’s very frustrating especially because we know we are a lot stronger, and will end up with a lower rating because of something we can’t control!

Suggestions? The ranking for rewards should be region independant. The top ranking factions of every server should get the top ranking rewards. 2nd ranking faction of every server gets 2nd ranking reward, etc.

It would be a lot more fair IMO, while still maintaining the CRW wars fun!



I guess you are on Tallapoosa so far I am :slight_smile:

Problem with language is really important. And problems in matchmaking too. This morning we have waited 2,5 hours to find a game while ES people where fairy fighting together.

Results are = we were first at 9:00 am french clock. We now are 3rd with 100k delay while we didn’t loose any game …

Thanks scope


This is simply not an issue.

The most populous French speaking country in the world is the Democratic Repblic of the Congo. There are multiple countries in Africa that speak French. Not to mention many countries or territories in Oceania, which would give you access to others to carry the load at night for sure.

There are also North American countries where French is rather prevelant like Haiti, Canada and parts of the United States.

You see I am a vampire hailing from Bob Temps, Louisiana. We call it Cajun country where some people speak exclusively French, some people speak exclusively English and of course there are those who speak exclusively Spanish. However, most of them just sound like they attempting to sing Neunundneunzig Luftballoons while wearing a darth vader mask and simlutounsly eating opossum jerky and peanut butter.


Do you not have night shift workers in France?


If you’re in a english or spanish speaking region you don’t have this problem like you mentionned. You have the option to recruit players from all over the world to cover wars 24/24h. It’s much harder as a french region since maybe 95% players are in France (i’m sure its the same issue with others such as germans, italians, etc…).

This gives a huge competitive advantage to these regions we are faced against. My faction for instance has only 4 losses and 50+ wins, and we rank lower than spanish factions that we completely destroy (just because they can run more wars). Is it fair that they get better rewards?

Also, making rewards per region will solve other issues with CRW such as strength difference between regions.


So much this. Loads of people speak French outside of France.