Let’s tell the truth about CRW , a lot of people used to say that war rewards sucks since the first war but this…this new stash reward system it’s a damn joke , come on…as a lot of players I’ve been playing the whole weekend , taking towers and burning cans and of course my faction it’s out of top 4 ( we’re top 7 and top 3 last crw ) so im not gonna be able to make a damn pull. In a few words , 90 % of players won’t be able to make a pull but guess what…if you’re short of tokens and need some more here’s an offer. So now it’s not enough playing a lot of hours tapping some small circles during the whole weekend against shields and revives endless loop teams but now we have to literally Pay to get rewards for it…

Don’t wanna pay? No problem , here’s your reward for being a great and dedicated f2p . Some Burts and some damn 5* ar trainers and shitty 3* parts. Enjoy this “rewards” and we can’t even save them to make a pull eventually so we’re gettin fucked more than twice and we’re even sayin thanks for it just being quite and keep playing just because “ it’s scopely, they always do the same things “. A big change is needed or the game will die even more


I will be getting a pull from this crw, but I agree. The rewards for lower ranked players should be greatly increased. Maybe two seperate wheels would work, one for those in ranks 25 or above, and one for those under 25. That way the players who are in mid level factions still have a reason to war.


They should just reverse the stash…instead of it going 40,30,20,10 have it go 10,20,30,40. That way even the lower factions get a chance to get a toon crate.


Or even just allow players to save their tokens so they would be able to make a pull eventually otherwise people won’t be interested in crw and the matchmaking system and waits will be endless and milestones will be even harder to complete since the amount of factions warring will decrease a lot


I don’t understand why they think giving the f2p poor rewards is going to help this game. I wish I could give me 70 tokens to someone. I just war for fun. But players who need these toons aren’t getting them.


I agree this may be the worst to date… We pay to play now we must pay for any reward… Sad times



They really don’t help f2P players at all.

It is not possible that the first 4 factions have the opportunity to take a toon, the worst of all is that it is not one that is worthwhile.

Seriously blue Alfa, red Madison, Ivannova even White Shiva are not great prizes for a war of regions.

They want to put one of each color because Mackenzi, Louis, Dante, Glenn Yellow. Those would be great prizes. nor so fabulous but respectable and that help to improve a team because if. Its a example.

You have to be happy to spend a weekend playing, from the 10th place down will not receive anything good, is a shame and lost time. You do things well for the welfare of your player base.


I bought it…pretty good deal with 2gps and canteens also…but then again…i have money to burn


Thats not the point man , we can buy all we want or need…but what’s the point of warring then ? This game won’t last longer with just whales , p2p or occasional spenders , we need f2p too and they’re a lot and sadly they’re unhappy and quitting because there’s no fun at all atm and if you take away rewards just to sell them in the store then stop playing the game it’s a reasonable option at this point. A game should be entertaining and not like this , this “game” is most like a bad stressful job with no salaries


I could see plenty of players who wound up just short of a pull last time going for a cheap deal when the potential stash rewards contained toons like Bruce, Marlon, Carl etc., but this time? 4 duds, not sure where the incentive is.


We dont tell the truth in this game, scopely doesnt, the players dont, this game is built on lies and being a snake :snake:

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You dont say?

The scopley way…we make them pay!

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I wanna the truth in why there are so many players who are always putting up over 1 million points. Is it because their faction suks and they need to carry them? Is it because you have no life? Is it because you have nothing better to do? What is the purpose of people putting 1,000,000+ every war? Thats the truth i wanna about crw.

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1m points is easy when you cheat with over powerd 2*s , scopely need to do a ban wave !!


That is where you are making the mistake…this is not a game…it is a cash cow…and i say " mooooooo "

Now pac man…that is a game…and so is dodgeball.




Outside of the top four is not only F2P. My faction came 23rd and we have some really decent players (remember only a couple of CRW ago the bracket used to go up to 25? Yeah they changed that). If this had been an AOW we would have finished third and gotten a pull (for those who hit their milestones at least). I’d be happy if they scrap CRW altogether, we’ve always said how bad the reward structure is and they made it worse. The irony is, the factions getting a pull won’t even need it. None of the toons available are game-changers. Even for me they would likely sit unascended, and I am far from a top-faction whale.


lol they should have put more silencers there! 1 is not enough.


Meh, 20 tokens = 20 pieces of stuff I can either craft or get elsewhere. Boring.