CRW issue compensation


I would like to thank Scopely for acknowledging the issue of CRW and giving us this

seriously, thanks.


Yeah it’s pretty great.
Wasn’t expecting anything.


Same, got my first T4 6* just from the necklaces in it


10k gear markers would’ve been better. 8600? That’s just weird. Why that particular number?


I mean, technically any number higher than 8600 would have been “better”, but this is still extremely appreciated and I’m personally not asking for more. My best guess is it’s 8,600 because that’s the exact cost of 2 pieces of regular persona-based ultra rare gear.


Not that I’m asking for more really. I just expected it to be a… how should I put it? A perfect number. Like 5000 or 10000. 8600 just seems random to me.


I get what you’re saying. Seems pretty specific or maybe they just chose a random number.


But Neither 5000 or 10000 are perfect numbers :man_shrugging:


I was shocked myself. Had to eat my pixel hat because I never thought they would hand out any compensation and kudos to them for making it decent.

So @kalishane please give the team a big Thank you and remind them that a little gesture like this goes a long way.


Thank you for this!
So say we all.


Yes. Thank you ::heart_eyes:


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