Crw is very discouraging

The crw is very discouraging to alot of players imho… I miss the old days when war was just the region u were in… at least then there was a chance at decent prizes… it encouraged people. Now as soon as ppl realize that staying up late and pushing hard to war and fill is gunna net them 50th place … ppl stop filling and quit warring.

Trash crw …


Scopely did that to limit the amount rewards for the last war to make us want to buy more tokens …


Either reduce regions or improve prizes. None will happen though


Would have to agree.

Also change it to 4 or 6 regions stop with 8…



when 4 rank 1 factions on their server are battling for 6th place.

Win or lose, people aren’t satisfied.
The Prizes should be better.

I golded alot just to help out, and in the end i’m not gonna spend additional Money
just to finish off my my 75/100 lol.



No offense, but you should retire. I wouldn’t stay up late to hang out with Ebola either

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Damn it I lol’d

i wouldn’t think it would take much effort to get top 25. get’s you a canteen/ GPS.

I don’t want regular war in Marion we all know it’s all between 2 factions to win so what’s point of wasting my weekend

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Please don’t complain about wars! It’s the last thing this game has to offer that’s remotely worth continuing to play.

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Top 25 was trash. Top 6 was where the actual rewards were.

Lol… I’m actually chuck norris… I was Ebola in paulding in disease fac but I left and have been playing in edgfield since that region opened…

I think CRW just makes war more lively. AoW can be awful of your region is low activity. The main problem is the rewards. They absolutely suck. They need a better structure and need the event to be more rewarding.

Scopes answer is likely that they are giving T4 gear and trainers but apart from that it sucks. 100 tokens for first and 7 place gets 25. Who will want to war for this steaming pile of BS.

It should be such that top 10 should get atleast 100 tokens. So maybe first gets 200 and then scales down or even 300. Whatever the main reward the tokens are replaced with, it needs to ensure that the top 10 to 15 factions in CRW or even AoW feel it’s worth their time

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There are some solutions to this. In my own opinion they could either
A: Make the prizes better. (for example double the tokens for all placements and add another milestone at 150/200k in order to keep the motivation to war up)
B: make matching better. With the introdution of leagues, why not make it so you only war with the factions inside of your own faction leauge for a better and more balanced matchmaking.
But that’s just suddgestions theres probably alot more.

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