Crw is trash .. :(


Then you’d have to face them when your region match theirs. We won’t get more AOW it seems you’d better be in their region then have to face them in other.


Well said sir. I don’t mind CRW but this post is pretty spot on for most factions.
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Rank 11 for a crw is pretty good actually. I’ve gotten 40th in a crw before and still had fun.


I was just using simple math calculations for performance based on your current fx placement in a region. If you are the top dog in a region, and crw has 8 participating region… then 1x8 = 8, so 8thplace being the least performance u have coz your being battled also with 7 other top dogs. If your fx is 2nd… then probability of you placing in crw is between 1st to 16th place… again the topdogs and the 2ndplacer will fight it out. So if your 6th in a region, expect 1st to 48th place. If your fx ranked outside that of the multiplier range… then your region was outranked by other region in terms of a lot of factors… activity, strength, prize pooling, etc… this in return, you must have to re-evaluate again… am i or my fx getting enough placement correctly? If not, better transfer to a region that gives you leverage and try not to stagnate you and your peers to your current power ratings you wanted in your current region. Thats the reason for region transfers… crw is a gauge… Whether you guys are f2p or p2p. “A loss or defeat should not be considered as failure of thyself but its a learning curve to improve and this doesnt happen overnight”


Best we’ve gotten. Could have gotten 10th if the matchups weren’t terrible.


Spot on.

Whales and f2p and everyone in between are needed for this game to stay alive.

The bitching at whales is insane, game is still enjoyable not being a whale and honestly last crw i warred with a group of smaller players that werent spending and it was good times, we didnt face the top 10 guys more than 2 or 3 times and being with a group of non spenders meant i didnt spend either lol so that was a bonus.


You can feel free to open a ticket to have me investigated any time. Jb has my in game player code from helping me straighten my game when I was locked out.



I have a blast in CRW, we get in top 25 every CRW and really enjoy it.


It’s a simple solution… raise the prizes for 25 on down… those players in those factions are likely to never spend anyway. Giving them some extra pixels that cost you nothing will keep everyone happy. I mean would it have made a difference to give them 300 Halloween tokens? Or 15 lucky tokens instead of 5? These poor decisions are really driving away the player base.

Crw is definitely better than AOW due to search times. Just needs two fixes:

Better prize structure and ability to fight our own region factions. Does anybody really care about the region rank rewards??


I just think they should group 4 regions together for aow. No restrictions on match making. Can battle those in and our of your region.

Imo region identify is largely dead. Players eagerness for prizes far exceeded their desire for a region identify. There may be a few out there where this isn’t true, but largely dead.


I wasn’t saying it was you mate :fearful: :joy:


lol. hilarious. a number 1 faction is automatically considered a vk faction? i know who you are talking about and they are legit.

Living Dead is a good faction. but i think they were there because of activity. if they were active i think they would have competed well against the top 3.


i also dont think CRW is trash. Some good points brought up. i’ve always been in the top 25 crowd - genearlly active faction with a mix of $$$ and F2P. I thought it was easy to get top 25. maybe not? Never below top 7 - and that included 3-4 hours a night of no wars with all US player base.

From that perspective, I dunno, I’m a bit skeptical of “we were really active buy could only get top 30”. Outside of top 30 - usually a lot of gaps in war, times in queue of 5/8 - 7/8 waiting for someone to join. only about 1/2 of faction or less actually hitting 100K milestone.

Regardless. If outside of the top 25. there are things that you can do/ work on , that doesnt cost money and coins. Activity is a start - having a night crew.


Ugh stupid auto :white_flag:. I’ll try again. He was commenting more on matchmaking. That LD matched the top faction only twice in 103 matches, whereas his faction matched them at least 10 times in 109 matches. We really should all get a fair amount of turns at getting those spankings. Lol


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