Crw is trash .. :(


Seriously… crw is trash…soo many people are just not interested or motivated for crw cuz yhe matchups are rediculas… we are 6th place in our region but every crw we end up 100th + … somethings gotta change… I say flush crw



Maybe your just not that good.

Sounds to me you are 6th, BUT in a soft region.

CRW reveals all.


My team is S9 … 99% gold mods… our region (edgfield) is closed for transfers still … we get matched up with bell region constantly…


Crw is only fun for the cash cows and their pissing match to see who the best faction in the game is. To them, get gud means spend more. If crw becomes the new normal for war im sure it is going to drive a lot of people away.


Not true. You just have to be active. If top2 factions of each region are super strong then there are 9 places to fight for to finish top25 in crw, which isnt something extraordinary difficult to do.

But i guess people want it easy. Be inactive and expect best rewards… Keep on dreaming.


Truth. Sadly.


So what if he is? Not everyone is in a top faction, and not everyone can be in a top faction. Should they not get any chance to enjoy the game? Just cuz y’all and the other super factions can’t keep anyone in the same region as you doesn’t mean everyone else should have to suffer through crw every other week, tho apparently that’s Scopes take on it so lucky you… and unlucky anyone else who may enjoy an aow over crw.


They are welcome to enjoy the game.

But to assume they deserve top level rewards when they are clearly unable to compete against other players?

Come on let’s get real.

Those other 100 factions ahead of them earned their places.


To be clear and direct. It’s the attitude, like that of the original poster, which is why regions are barren.

Earn it. The rest of us have.


Agree with this crw being a bit wonky. We are pretty active but it seems the match-ups are increasingly jacked up. Similar to aow, our war ranking goes down and are increasingly matched with higher ranked factions. For example: current crw rank 171, insta-matched with rank 7. Seems legit to me 0_0 My feeling is the “feed lower factions to higher factions matchmaker” is in full swing in crw. Not to mention the near impossible to beat p2w double shield revive teams.

CRW used to be the best. We would see a variety of factions, not anymore.


But if they got an aow vs yet another crw they would get better rewards… and apparently enjoy the game more, why should they have to slog through yet another crw so a few factions at the top can have their bi-weekly pissing contest.


Lol I’m on the top 100 player board, #1 in my region, and in the #1 fac in my region. I been earning it for 3 years, guess what? Doesn’t matter once crw comes cuz it demotivates people to the point where can’t even fill consistently, can only imagine what it does to lower facs.


Yes they would. Meanwhile other hard working competitive players get screwed because of the attitude stated above led factions to ‘jump for rewards’.

Great idea disenfranchise the most competitive players. With leagues running this conflict was inevitable and need to balance towards overall game rather than regions.

Crw puts everyone on similar footing. Earn it.


Wanderer, you sound like your the type of person that spends money on the game and your a typical “get good” answer person. Unfortunately you don’t seem to understand the different in team power when your a free player compared to a pay to play. I agree pay players deserve thier top spots, but when 80% of 6* characters aren’t even available to free players, the game kind of sucks. There is no competition. If you don’t understand that, then your missing the point.

CRW has gotten lame because the power difference in teams has become so out of whack, that it wastes people’s time to even play the game. The amount of enjoyment has gone down significantly.


I do t blame y’all for wanting to all come together and be a super fac, but there is large swathes of people who haven’t done so and should get to enjoy the game more too. Maybe sacrifice your league standing and move somewhere with some competition then? I mean u said leagues were crap or something to that effect last night no?


I wouldn’t say that CRW itself is trash. But i will definitely agree the matchups so need a great deal of fixing and adjusting. We here in Jeff Davis Region also get matched against bell region alot as well. Idk how they decide the matchups of wars in crw butt i agree it needs to change.


Seems you have a choice, keep playing with you demotiviated players, or step away. Choice is yours.

I for one wouldn’t let others go inactive on me. I enjoy war. But who knows, maybe your driven by other means.


You know exactly what will happen when we do. They will flee as well.

Wilkinson, Troup. Regions that were expected to have a reasonable sense of wanting competition, emptied out cause someone better was there.


Maybe not ideal but one of the German or Japanese regions then? I mean global chat is crud anyway so not being able to understand it while not ideal may be a small price to pay to get some in-region comp?


It’s on the table. Again expectstion is the same but atleast we wouldn’t have to listen to the constant whine over territories.