CRW is not fair for BOONE


This time BOONE is paired with TRENTLEN(KR) and ANDERSON(KR)
So far the 1st camp has played 104 rounds , but mine only 37 rounds, even the 1st camp of BOONE is 44 rounds only
Each time it took us 0.5 - 1 hr to find the opponent, and then I dont know why ???
Why my camp usually meet the 1st and 2st camp? We lose 22 games and I believe there are over 10 times we lost to the 1st and 2st camp.
You know… 0.5 - 1 hr to find the opponent, and then 6 minutes wait for the start , then we cleaned by then in 5 minutes…
If we fast enough …we only get approximately 1000 score…

It really waste our time …suck


Hey there. Same region as you. :wink:

The matching time is long AF. Our region has the highest point overall, meaning that it is probably the strongest among three. However, due to the strength we have, it’s harder to find a faction with strength comparable to us. Thus, we always face the top ones in KR regions. While KR top factions can easily match the noobs in our region, resulted in more rounds, and even more points.

That’s why the top factions in this war are mostly KR factions. regardless of the fact that we have the highest total points.

We should have CRW with regions with similar strength, shouldn’t we?