Good prizes are certain ?


Nope not for lower ranks


Didn’t know you’re from Notorious


Yeah. because CRW makes more money for them! enjoy your war can offers and coining!

Keep on spending ^^


That i am, is certain :slight_smile:


You’ve officially been associated with me.

Hate pending. =-)


It will really be when we can also match up again factions of our own region (poke @JB.Scopely). This region leaderboard is pretty stupid and has no sense whatsoever and footracing is boring and lame. It can often end up to be just matchmaking luck if there is a strong coining faction on another server.




soooo who wants to match Albert?

Any takers?



:hugs: (seven)


Feeding does most certainly happen. It was the entire reason my faction transferred regions as soon as we got keys because the 1st place faction was feeding their sister faction into 2nd every AOW. During CRW the sister faction could barely break into the 30s since feeding wasn’t possible.


I’ll fight you


Just let him live in his fantasy world of blowing off scopely employees the Dumbass is clearly delusional.


only 10.6? kind of a step back, no? sure you’ll find your footing in the next


Can only go as high as the competition allows.


awesome! if you can transfer out and move to a region that faces Albert that would be great! :+1:


Wanderer vs Albert

Wanderer win is certain


I see wand and dread are still BFF :joy:


I miss you