Please don’t make CRW certain


It’s the far better event.


See the other forum post and vote in the poll there. It at least shows some data to Scopely what players prefer.


Very small sample. CRW should at least be a 2 to 1 ratio


If they make better matchups then sure.


Yes, small sample size but where are you getting the 2 to 1 ratio? In statistics, sample sizes MAY reflect the larger population. But, I can agree this might be too small of sample size to gather any true meaningful data. However, these are the ones speaking up and posting. No other data source to gather information from about the topic.


Scopely announced, and I agree, that in this Post transfers world, CRW makes more sense. A region can die in a matter of hours now, causing an AOW to stuck


And that I don’t disagree with. I think CRW should be the norm. I just think that rewards needs better distribution. We’re no longer competing against 30-40 factions. We’re competing against a lot more and our placement won’t be the same as in AOW. We get worse rewards in comparison and that’s where I think most of the people wanting AOW is coming from.


Crw sucks ass. Same effort for worse rewards I honestly don’t understand how people prefer it


Make AOW 4 region match up with no filter. Then I wouldn’t care. Honestly intra region is boring and alot have move to take advantage of it rather than playing the game as designed (competitive pvp experience).


I’m all for another crw. It’s one of the few fun events


Certain crw is


Crw to the museum?


With no filter? If you mean that it’s like Free-for-all where you’d also face teams of your own server, then I’d totally be up for it. I’ve mentioned that a while ago already, if that would be how it worked, I’d think the matchmaking would be fairer in case of busy servers are being matched with low activity servers and therefore loose out.


Yeah let’s bring back sister feeding factions In full force, it’ll be a race of who can match with someone in their region so they can throw up easy defenses… not very practical.


Did your faction ever move? Where and who are y’all if so


We are in Albert now, rocking a bronze league standing. Gonna flex for the region


Yes intra and inter region match matching.

Make in 3-4 regions per group to keep it more focused. Avoids the headache of low/mid/high activity and in extreme cases taking 40 minutes to match in AOW just cause no other opponents are around or strength disparity.


Hope so love CRw


This doesn’t really happen. Seems more hypothetical complaints than what actually occurs.

Not to mention groups are multi-regional anyways.