CRW instead of Region War


Running a CRW instead of a region war is a classic scopely move to reduce quantity of Y3 tokens available to all players in the last weekend they’re up. They’ll try to sell you some to get the last 5 that you need, and you’ll pull another Connor. Please vote with your wallets survivors.


It’s a useful theory to bash Scopely with, but doesn’t hold up to scrutiny really. Your claim doesn’t take into account all the people who are 5/10/20 short od a pull that will no longer need to buy them to make a full pull.

Personally I’m on 0 tokens so will probably end buying a few crates to get one last pull from the anniversary wheel, but I have no real problem with that.

Ironically, I’m kinda hoping my final pull is Shiva Ezekiel, because I fucked up on the Shiva force event & used his 5* as fodder to ascend someone else.


I think he meant to say that region war will give more tokens compared to CRW. From personal experience, yeah. I get more tokens from region war, while using much less effort compared to CRW. That 5/10/20 short of a pull you talked about is the difference I get from doing region war over CRW.


Better region wars than Crw lol


I’ll take crw I don’t need higher odds on facing same faction 2-3 times a row multiple times


Person A has 40 tokens, Person B has 60 tokens, Person C has 80 tokens. They all get 25. Person A and B become targets for sales, Person C is happy with a pull.

But if they all get 10, suddenly Person B and C become targets, but Person A is probably too far away to tempt.

It doesn’t really matter at this stage, you’re always going to end up with a few people who get enough to make that final pull, a few who move agonisingly close and a few who are nowhere near, and are still nowhere near.

So, as a theory for why we have CRW instead of AOW, I don’t agree. CRW is better prizes so it gets my vote.


I could care less about the rewards tbh, who plays for war rewards anymore anyways? It’s not like it’s a special toon for rewards anymore so I prefer crw over aow for sure more competition that way


Idm CRW, but 8 regions is to many and for younger regions matchups are fked. It gets depressing when yourin a growing region and are vsing regions that are 6+ months older. My region has a few heavy hitters with complete sets of stun blades & guns, AD knives and impair rifles (usually the whales), but its not fun constantly fighting ppl with completed weps, when your still in the process of making your own.


I prefer cross war but not at the moment when regions are miss matched due to transfers , they need to reevaluate what regions fight each other.


Meh, unless you’re a top faction, you won’t be getting very many Y3 tokens anyways.

I prefer cross region war because you tend to get more even matches and less frequent rematches. Our region also lost a lost of people to other regions, so a region war for us would be particularly lame.


Great point but I am happy not pulling one more time… I already pulled 2 shivaforce Zeeks… thanks for nothing.


Region war in my region has become almost pointless. So now it’s all CRW or nothing. If we had a region war now it would be rather sad for lack of competition


thats why i dont care about CRW events those are only here to make happy whales, Garbage event and garbage rewards nothing more to me


There was a poll. I believe the decision came from the votes.
Go vote!


You could transfer regions you know


Actually no that poll was to change the split wars to a single 2 day war or whatever


Yes the vote was to get rid of split wars & do full weekend & not specifically for crw.


I believe there was further discussion of replacing aow with crw? I’m not 100%



Idk I haven’t seen the rewards.

How about we ask for

  • better for mid rank factions during crw?

  • better match making during crw?

    • (Note this would likely mean longer search times, as to gain a longer list of possible match ups before final pairing)

Then it wouldn’t be so bad.


Oh look another short CRW, just what the players wanted. Lmaooo. Game has become a joke.

Oh and let’s roll out a new boring event called faction Onslaught… so that means they will push an UPDATE right before CRW and we know how that always works out… :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: