Crw info & rewards?

It’s been over 24h since WOC info was released. Still nothing on crw.
So towers are the same… but what about the rewards etc. More info please.

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Towers are the same of the championship war, rewards i dont know


Yes thank you Leviathan.

Check the Dev Tracker

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I know about the towers. Asking for more info on the rest.

Check the second sentence

Lol relax.

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Says details will be posted by tomorrow

Ok. But war is tomorrow.

And usually rewards are all posted around 12-3pm eastern. 4-7 hours prior

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Yes. Just saying… it’s unfair how woc is all aware now. But I’ll shush :slight_smile:

WoC is a special event. Not just a CRW. I undrstand the frustration in not knowing but everything is on schedule

All I see is the big spenders being prioritised again.

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Who cares about crw info when there’s this new event going on…

There’s more logistics concerned (i.e. transfers, keys, etc) with WoC

Exactly why it shouldn’t take as long to inform us

No, you are correct that WoC is prioritised, but because that information is more important. CRW rewards you don’t need to move regions and organise factions for. It’s the same as any tourney and they’ll let us know the day before, as per usual for CRW


We wouldn’t mind moving.
Dont have to be the best player out there.

Lol… I’m not bitter…

Lol. If you did move, the rewards are all the same, you wouldn’t move on that basis surely