CRW INFO (3/27/20-3/29/20) Discussion Thread

Hey all,

Please let us know your thoughts on the upcoming CRW here :slight_smile:

@TayTron no wangfa cards?

3 items in the 150k milestone :white_check_mark: Pop the champagne


And geez there are 24 other regions we havent matched up with…so basically same war matchups 3x…i dont get you guys sometimes…


What’s the set up 6x6 or 8x8 ?..or All x scopely???

Will there be war tokens in the rewards, or just limited to the milestones? @TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger


Apparently at this point they got replaced by Brandy’s and Basil’s not Benedict’s and since they can only put 3 items per tier…no broken glasses,no armory tokens, no refunds…and you want more war tokens…Ha!!

How long will it take now to get a pull in war token wheel?

Yayyy, thank you for this scopely, finally!

Oh… boooo! You moving away from war tokens already? Milestone amounts are not considerable at all.


So you announce matchups while transfers are open…, but no one cares to transfer to match “competition” like the good ole days, so when are you RIP-ing this game again?

Are rewards just a small amount of sclass shards? … are we getting war tokens?

and milestones is just gold mods? Why not make top few milestones a platinum mod?

Are you secretly just going to give us a blitz and called it crw?


And basil’s…why not benes? (Or gear?)…

When are the ranking going to change. Rank 51-1000 should be broken down to 51-75, 75-100 and so on. That would encourage more factions to move up to be in a higher bracket.


Lackluster per usual. How about give us something to be excited about? Even decent towers would be nice. War has been the same for years, not sure why scopely cant get a little creative from time to time. :woman_shrugging:


what is the point of a discussion thread if @TayTron and @WalkerTexasRanger do not actually participate in the discussion?


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