CRW inbound: Same teams, No gear. Let's talk about it


Here we sit on the cusp of yet another CRW and we’ll all be fighting with and against almost all the same teams. Why? Yep… No 6* gear! Give us access to 6* gear without having to spend money for it! It’s beyond ridiculous that we don’t have a 6* gear map at this point and I know there are ZERO plans to make that happen. Let’s be honest though… This game has gotten or is getting stale. That’s what happens when absolutely NOTHING changes for months. Make this happen, Scopely. Re-energize this game before ot becomes its namesake… The walking dead. Lol

P.S.: Give us back the thursday gear map for crying out loud. 2 weeks without it and then asking me to buy it. That’s low even for you guys. Thanks




Funny, I have been using free coins for the Halloween stash, you have the option of the league store, and placing top 25 in the last CRW was good enough for a set of GPS and canteen.


I get that… Why am I scrounging for gear at this point though? It makes no sense… Unless you see that they put a paywall up to drive profits further at the regular customer’s expense


Gear events run in he past ha e been great. It’s been a while and last one didn’t even offer the lower gear thats gating me.

Lets get another going. I need to by them 6s tier 3 gear pieces.


I would argue that the regular customer is somewhere in the prestige 11-12 range and has spent a few dollars over the last three years. You have options if you’re f2p, they just take longer to achieve. It’s literally the same model as any fremium structured mobile game.


6* great maps definitely should be a thing


I get that too… My point I guess is that why wouldI consider buying new premium toons if I’m not going to be able to use them for a while because Scopely is being greedy with the gear? That new Tough Rick is looking nice on my bench right now for want of a canteen, some hockey masks and several gauntlets… Its frustrating and I’m not spending another $50 to use my $100 toon. That’s like buying a car then having to buy the engine and the tires. Nobody does that


Fckn perfect analogy.



Tough Rick requiring strong gear? Pass me that Peyote kemosabe.


Other than the fact that, you don’t have to buy the gear. As a player close to the F2P end of the spectrum, I can easily get enough gear from events, roadmaps, League store, museum collections etc etc.

A better analogy would be “it’s like buying the car, and then buying the engine separately because you can’t be arsed to do what’s needed to get an engine for free”


Lmao… Obviously I meant Strong there. Oopsy


I’m collecting as much gear for free as possible. I’m raiding like crazy, playing YAWNslaught, etc… Again… You’re missing the entire point… Why should I have to do these things?? The gear should be more readily available via roadmap like EVERY OTHER PIECE OF GEAR. lol


I’m assuming you paid for this Rick. Probably more than you’d like to admit. If not, you’re lucky.

However, check under the offers tab often as there are often 19.99 USD deals for various gear.

If you don’t want to wait there are options. The choice is yours.


there should be one soon especially to go along with the November-December collection event


I can’t believe I’m getting this kind of flak from some players. Lol. You’ve been conditioned to accept paying for gear as the norm when it used to be free if you just grinded some roadmaps back in the 5* era


I accept that there is business sense in Scopley limiting access to gear in order to drive profit margins from the game.

What I would not accept is gear being completely inaccessible.

Sometimes it’s just about resource prioritisation.


This is the kind of thing that keeps sites like VK in business and we all see what those azzhats have done to the game we all love


That’s kinda like saying having to work incredibly hard to become a top athlete is what keeps dealers of performance enhancing drugs in business…


The people buying from VK have ruined the game.


That’s a failed analogy… The average guy can’t take P.E.D.s and just become an amazing athlete. You have to be one to fully utilize the effects… However you can be a noob and spend through that hacker trash and become a top player.