Crw has opened our eyes to how bad this game has gotten

Thanks to p2w players this game is currently out of control … these big spenders were complaining about the f2p toons being able to play against them well they have sure changed that with these new promo toons … wtg scopely awesome job chasing off even more active players that don’t spend 10000 a month


lol sure


Es bereitet mir immer Freude gegen einen p2w Spieler zu gewinnen. Noch besser find ich wenn ein p2w mich Raidet und verliert. Also ich käm mir Blöd vor wenn ich soviel Geld reinstecke und trotzdem verkacke.

I only encountered a few unbeatable teams this war. Forgot the name of the region, but it seemed overpowered. But its good to have something to work for. If you are not able to beat most teams, you either use a wrong team of f2p chars or you are using them in a wrong way. Besides you will see that with the new ascendable list they will give us enough chars that will counter the new promo’s. So what do you want, the game to close because p2w players stop to spend because it feels to them as if it is worth nothing? A free game needs the whales to survive as long as they give f2p time to balance again.


Let me Guess. You’re f2p and you want to be in the top without spending any money? Continue dreaming buddy.


What does an almost F2p squad consist of?

Thats a semi free team erika on a single pull with coins from 30 day pass. Now it gets owned by michone teams.

I beat p2w teams from the winning faction with f2p toon’s.

teams like
Erika, Erika Gov, Magna Hershel guardian. full stun impair

I beat with carl, 3 shivas and gleen. Of course it was slow as hell.

p2w just make it faster

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Double mich teams behind 1 or 2 shields with Erika or Dante is what they are talking about.


Worst one I cam across was Dual Erika, Dual Magna & Michonne. Took a while, but certainly do able. Answer, Yellow Rick & Sandy with some decent support.

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Look at every team in the war that had a positive win to loose ratio in wars. They all head green Carl as lead or Erika. The teams very a bit but general composition is the same throughout.

So overall game strategy is get the good toons make the same team and win. Yes they can be beaten but that does not represent the average player.

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I do not come across many teams i lose to and I am f2p. These are my f2p squads

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The same game with premier characters having the higher stats again lol

No you didn’t.

Here is the team I used for atk and defense. How many P2P toons on here? 0. How many wins did I get? I lost count. How many defends did I have in CRW? I lost count. F2P and P2P are balanced. It’s all about the weapons. If you have crap weapons, there’s no way your gonna keep up with the P2P. Use it as a tool and duel teams in your faction who P2P to find ways your F2P team can win.


No way you mare beating double magma michone ericka teams lol


This is true what he said.

Know you active skills and know when to use them (sid confuse, ty imp, dwight imp, yumiko imp etc etc.)


Its actually quite possible with The right weapons and ty’s Decapitate - I’ve seen it done but man 14+ turns is going to hurt during a war


I just want there to be decent rewards again, like that event with the varying Negans. Everyone got a character.

You can definitely beat top teams with ftp toons

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