Crw hacker regions



Ok I’m a 2+ year player. Scopely you have very little handle on the TR AND RU regions. They are full of hackers. Tell me y those regions just don’t match each other. Y do hard working and regions have to suffer vsvhacker regions or vs regions that are much much older. It honestly makes no sense. STOP POOLING PPL WITH REGIONS U CANT CONTROL. MATCH THEM VS EACH OTHER



Stop exaggerating the hacker prob
In all my years of playing never seen one an usually it’s only like 1 or 2 in a bad region


There is no cheating in this game, same with bugs
Just spend more and you’ll be able to overcome these regions


There is no problem with hacking. Ask Scopely. And because this is totally true, every thread about hacking is totally going to be closed and unlisted. Please move on, there is nothing to see here.

Right. If you haven’t seen one, that must mean there is none.


Oh it’s definitely real s5++ just don’t happen by prestige 6. U are matching the rest of the world with areas that are less regulated.


Let’s try matchmaking with ppl in same hemisphere at least. Your code is obviously to weak to keep ru hackers out. And from what I’ve noticed TR regions as well. Please fix your match ups. She actually be inclined to spend if u did. Jus sayin


some of you wildly naive lol


Truth it can’t be that hard of a fix just flat stop matching vs ru and TR regions


Cheaters do exist in some RU regions nough said


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