Crw groupings by wave

Wow scopely, making the groupings by waves is extremely unfair to any f2p faction stuck in wave 1. Really poor design once again.


What’s a wave?

Here’s the region’s we’re going against.

From the transfers. All the strong region are grouped in wave one. Which is great for whales, not so mich for f2p trapped there.


No its not, i am in f2p faction

Those aren’t all wave 1 regions.

real whales are in 3 and handful in wave 1

Actually, every single one of those regions are wave 2.

Give me ice cream or give me death…
Like in every match of my war.

It sure is. Then again nothing these blumpkin catchers do surprise me anymore.

I’m in that group too lol

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Who is your friend?
Thats my match up :eyes:
Is it me? Am I your friend

We are in the other wave one against the new AP/EG merge and Mofos… its really shitty for f2p factions if they keep this up.

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We can finally have an all spender region. This will help the f2p.

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