CRW - Group Y - 04/14


Any standout/famous faction in this group? :slight_smile:


Expect boring half dead regions.

Morgan Cleburne Coosa all been at it before.

Jefferson is fairly new so they will be lively but likely lack weapons.


You guys, frontline from morgan, and d30 from chattahoochee are good squads.


Nah we suffered more consolidation so it’ll be yet more boring.


Ah ok that sucks. Good luck to you this crw anyway.


Yeah, we seem to be matched up quite frequently.

Frontline Assembly still #1 in Morgan?

Even there are only 3 active factions per region that’s still 24 factions actively warring.
I’m so bored of region war.


Chatta is one of my two regions and alot of my faction has toons starting to tier 4 alot of 6*'s, hoping for a strong showing.


You’re in group Y too Jason?


No I just faced Morgan and chattahoochee before. I’m in group z.


Frontline assembly is morgan number one faction yes and when you guys match them plz lube them up.


I’m not part of the #1 Faction in Coosa.
We’re #2 or #3 depending on who hops around lol.
We will try to give them a fight though.


Our first crw againt eng region ,yeah .
Good luck all


Good luck too!
Which faction are you in Tallapoosa?


Le cercle ,we are ranked 1.
So far our hardest matchup is black tiger from german region
Which fac do you belong ?


Soulless Shadows from Coosa.
We’re not the top, but we hope to give you a fight.

See you in war!


We are ready :slight_smile: short CRW so i suppect it will be close together points wise


also omega from cleburne is a tough squad but last couple times couldnt get the war matches up like others 24/7


I’m a co lead from Parabellum in Escambia. We have won our last 5 CRWs. Excited to see some fresh regions. We have a few guys here who play in Morgan and chata and they said you guys are strong.

Coosa I’ve heard have hackers??? Hope that’s only a rumor(I hope it just means you guys are strong)

Anyway we love competition and it should be a fun weekend!!! Who are the other top factions?

I’ve heard FA from Morgan is solid and D30 from Chatahoochee. Who else?


Jefferson is pretty old. I’ve been in my faction about 18 months. Some have been in 2+ years.


As has been mentioned, Jefferson is 2.5 years old. But it is on the brink of death, which is why I left for greener pastures.