CRW group M(15 chars)


Anyone on here from Group M?

How dead are you’re regions? Timezone? Cause I have a feeling some will get screwed from the different time zones.

I’m from Sumter, and we’re a AU/NZ region, so it’s 9:12am here right now. Sumter has at best 3 factions, 2 main factions.

Sumter knows Baldwin already. Let’s get to know the other Group X regions! :slight_smile:

EDIT : Sumter changed groups


I’m actually in Greene (group m I think). I have a lvl 11 account in baker, they have 12 people on the lvl up board and 15 on the SR tourny. Hopefully the others have more players


Wow Barker sounds dead af


Oh der! :woman_facepalming: Nevermind me :joy::joy::joy: Baldwin is an AU server isn’t it? Cause Sumter is with mostly US servers


Baker is. Lucky to have 30 players all together


Hahha we have about 50 or so actives, but yeah, how hard is it to allow us to move to a new region with everything we’ve worked for?


Yeah exactly hey.