CRW Group 1 Live News

How’s the situation in the blazing hot group?

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Must be a nice feeling to use a name of a nazi war criminal and mass murderer. :-1:t3:


Looks like a new account. Bad troll maybe?

Surprised no one has said youre me since youre a new account :roll_eyes: that is soooo annoying lol

Is this conversation really happening :joy::joy::joy:

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I hope everyone in the list posted have hard drive failures. It would make me feel better at any rate

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You’d be surprised by how many new accounts are troll accounts.

84% is how many new accounts are trolls when created.

Leaderboard update?


Thanks. 4 wars difference :thinking:

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EG 7 AP 0?

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I had ap down as the stronger faction, but all credit to endgame they really have surprised me by how strong they are looking.
If only this could have played out in the original WOC format…“sigh”


Needless to say this war sucks hard for us. We usually do 30th-40th in 15 region format. These regions are on steroids. Thank you scopely for allowing our lowly region into a fake ToC…


Looks like a fun group!!!

It wasn’t a fun time lol. My face got so quite a bit. And that was demoralizing for many.

War is usually demoralizing for most players