CRW duration clarification


So… @kalishane can you clarify this? The events calendar says it lasts till saturday, but russian’s site, states it lasts 2 days and 5 hours. We have some ppl who could play just on sunday, an we need the info to plan our strategies!

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I’ve seen VK being wrong, for example in the last CRW. But it’s true they’re far more reliable in average that scopely’s calendar…


On this thread @SandySurvivor states the war will end Sunday at 9am. That will be 9am Pacific Time Zone since they speak in Scopely headquartes location time. That is a 1 day and 17 hour time


Don’t think the last CRW was entirely their fault. There more than likely was a message for the war to be cancelled that VK saw when datamining, but Scopely changed/fixed whatever issue was going on and started the war late.


VK had the milestones issue right


VK has been wrong many of times


Fewer times than Scopely


Yeah, vk is really trustable, actually I do trust VK. I just see too many inconsistencies between scopely and VK messages that I don’t know who to believe anymore.


That was not what was stated, but I do not disagree


I said that was subject to change~


Could you provide and update on the duration of the war, please note that players made plans base on the announcement that was made earlier this week so changing things this close to war will be an issue


@SandySurvivor Does it mean duration is going to be 2 days instead of 1? Could you please confirm so we can organize our team strategies?


Well don’t mind me for not trusting a third party website when the last official statement from Scopely says something different.
So until it is announced by Scopely OR gone live, the community has to rely on what we are told.


I appreciate that things are subject to change, but I don’t understand why those changes can’t be communicated to players before a hacking site does so. It’s the one major thing I really don’t get.


Yeah, they always change things at the last second without notice and then love to shove that “subject to change” loophole right into our faces.

So the only thing to do in this game is never to make plans. Just go with the flow because organization is not a strong suit of theirs. We all should know this by now.

Hey maybe they will mess up again and we can all score 1,000 points, get every milestone, and enjoy the weekend with our family.


Confirmed. Vk was right:

I hope next time Scopely updates the community properly…



War ends on Sunday 9pm PST


9pm or 9am PST? I thought you originally said 9am so just want to be certain.


The war ends at 9pm at night on Sunday


ok, thanks! =)