CRW and Language Barriers


dear @kalishane

Why was CRW groups assigned without any regard to language barriers? what’s the point of event chat if we cant congratulate or troll or mock or talk with other regions? did the devs consider how much actual fun this took away from CRW? the previous CRWs i’ve made numerous friends across regions and this time we had 1 other english speaking region. the rest were dutch, spanish or russian.


Could use Google translate if you really want to talk to other regions in event chat. If they only matched regions that spoke the same language we would get the same matchups over and over again. More variety in matches is more important than chatting imo but I’m not a very talkative person in game i tend to just play.


CRW chat is full of trolls and nonsense and spamming, it’s probably more of a stress on the servers than actual worthwhile conversation.


You have to mix and match languages. Can’t have the Russians warring each other every crw, it’ll get boring


unless you use an emulator, which is against the rules, you cant copy and past chats from translate.


Yes… what a shame it was to have the ability to troll and mock people over pixelated entertainment taken away from us.

That was total sarcasm if you couldn’t tell.


can’t even compliment a good team though, its kinda stupid


Sure you can, learn to speak more than your native language.


Olympics. Nuff said.


Actually most people can speak English
Only if they pretend or refuse to


You can take a snapshot and upload t Google translate…


Half my faction is Russian, there are tools to deal with communication if you actually want to


We were the only English speaking region vs 7 Portuguese regions. Blocked everyone from the other regions in event chat, just because I hate the little notification that always pops up. Almost no one from my region was talking in event chat so it was a quiet war.


Where in the rules does it say you can’t use an emulator to play the game? lots of people use bluestacks or alternatives to play this and 100s of other android games


Zu erwarten, dass die ganze Welt Englisch spricht, weil es die einzige Sprache ist die man selbst beherrscht, erscheint mir ein kleines bisschen hochtrabend.


Agree. It‘s a big part of the fun of this game to meet with people from all over the globe.


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