Crw - a view from your biggest server


winston server here

we complained, your support got a large amount of ingame messages that we are fed up. we constantly get matched with older servers you cant eveb compare to us. so now we are matched with the same old server plus russian hackers… nice one scopley



Few examples… prestige 10 one of them 11…


yep, lee is suffering with us. but sure, ignore us it will count at the end :sweat_smile:


pls scopely, pay me a dinner before…


Love those teams. Dead in 3 turns.


Same problem over here.



your company just killed the game @kalishane


That is some sweet bullcrap going on over there and everywhere else. The only people not complaining today are the big ol’ whales. They love getting spoon fed easy matches.

Fix your game!


Yeah. That is BS. Limit toons to one per team.


Yes I think that needs to be implemented because this game is starting to suck complete ass with only multiples of the same toons oh and let’s not forget the complete windowless teams.

Let’s pls get rid of the armory special staits and just have atk/def/hp/ap on atk/def.

Please make this game great again by making people learn how to play without multiples.


I’m on a new forum acc, but I will repeat myself again, CRW is bullshit


I’m at the point where I am finally realizing that this shit isn’t worth me whoring out my time for an entire weekend.


Im right there with yea


I hear that. If the next CRW is like this one that’s gonna do it for me. I don’t care that there are top teams but I do care that everyone gets fed to them like lambs to the slaughter and yet they never have to face teams of equal strength. It’s so painfully obvious what Scopely is doing. It made my entire faction give up yesterday out of frustration and I feel bad for the few left who are desperately trying to reach milestones. There are over 250 teams in my bracket so why is every matchup with the top 25?

Fix you game!


Try facing 5 russian regions in one CRW, they never sleep, they drink vodka and probably hacks coins lol


These teams look legit for me, honest grinders and f2p inside


Reason why I sat out this CRW. Just tired of all the bs in the game. Tired of all the cheaters and Scopely doing nothing about them. I left a #2 faction just to start playing casually and not worry about a faction event for a while.


So either they don’t care as long as they are still making money or they are too incompetent and are powerless to do anything to stop the cheaters. It might be a combination of both of these and neither is acceptable.

Here’s a thought.

  1. Take a break from creating all these new premiere recruits and start patching the holes in your game so legitimate players don’t keep getting screwed over by the obvious cheaters.

  2. Then after that is done take a good long look at matchmaking and fix the problems with it. Too bad if teams need to wait for a match as most of us are tired of getting paired up with teams way beyond our strength and with the size of the pools this weekend I can’t fathom how this keeps happening every single match.

BTW Congrats on the move to the casual faction. You will feel so much better now.


If one thing this CRW has exposed as a whole is just how rampant cheating is in this game.