CRW 8V8 in Wave 1B

Im not quite sure why people are complaining about 8v8 in Wave 1B. I for one prefer 8v8. 2 more enemy camps to atk means more points.

But to those whom were unhappy with 8v8. Thank you for your butthurtness. Cauae of yall i got free stuff from Scopely.

Also i for some reason cant figure out how to tag the forum admins so if someone could tag them in the comments that would be great.

And lastly. I am really curious why people dont like it. So please share your thoughts RESPECTFULLY PLEASE. No need to make comments that will cause drama.

Thanks everyone in advance. Keep on Surviving. :slight_smile:

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They’re probably complaining because they were expressly told that Wave 1B would be 6v6 and Wave 1A would be 8v8. It in itself was a system designed to placate all the facs who never wanted to be in Wave 1 in the first place.

‘Free stuff’ is a bit tongue in cheek given it’s 3 war cans and 5 pulls on a stash with levelling items. Compensation supposed to be for slowing down the number of wars, thus affecting milestones, thus affecting missions, thus affecting leagues, thus affecting their enjoyment of the game.

Plus you can’t label it butthurtness and then ask that people be respectful…


Well thank you for that respectable feedback. You make a valid point.

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Well, if they had to stick with 8v8, they would at least appreciate the mercenary option allowing them to start the war as soon as they get 6 actives in. That would be an actual “compensation”.

But teasing us all with mercs, then announce for each war that they would not yet appear is sort of a dick move. For whatever bug reason (same that prompted for the 8v8 in 1b?) the mercenaries actually appeared in the first hours, but then have been deliberately taken away - showing that a change could have been done. Yet 8v8 stayed…


What are these waves anyway? I see it mentioned a lot but I don’t know what it means.

Absolutely agree. All that time getting told they cant do it during an event without cancelling it and restarting was all bs.

To be fair when Scopely originally made war changes to waves they did state that from time to time even though you chose 6v6 there will be times 1b/wave 2 & 3 will have 8v8. They just never had an opportunity for that yet. This wasnt the case this weekend as it was written 6v6, so while it was a bummer & lets imagine we havent heard of mercs yet, what are you going to do? You would roll with the punches, right?

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6v6 is best fast wars, easier to fill for most, 20k win bonus, cans galore, what’s not to like🤗


8 v 8 sucks when you plan for 6 v 6.

suddenly being stuck in war que 6/8 for 2-3 hours while you wait for people to wake up and watch your rank drop from 4th to 5th to 10th cos scopley are incompetant is not much fun


What little points you make by there being 2 extra camps you loose through fact its slower to fill slower to win/loose an move on…

6vs6 whilst can at times freeze some folk out it keeps it fast paced as war should be.

Echoing what @Parker stated asking for pleasantries in the thread but calling folk out for being “butthurt” a tad contradictory.

The fact have war missions added to this negatively impacted upon progress and the compensation whilst welcomed was not adequate to reflect the lost prizes.

Edit: I get it being subjective that some may prefer 8vs8 and some may have not found any issues with this weekend which is great. But it was not as advertised and the kicker being can correct the mistake of allowing mercs to be used but can’t change from 6vs6


Wave is Scopely’s “ranking” system for regions.

Wave 1a is a set of regions that get 8v8 CRWs all the time and serves as qualifier for War of Champions (so-called prime event, like olympics). 1b is the same, but the standard CRWs are 6v6. Once you’re in wave1, you can move around 1a/1b, but can never get out to the “lower” waves.

Wave3 are all mature regions, sometimes very low in activity, typically with one top faction hogging prizes in all events, other picking rhe lefrovers. Wave3 residents can transfer out wherever they want when the window opens.

Wave2 are active, but not ultra competitive regions. The one faction hogging the top ranks still occurs, but is not as common and some real contest for top3 (even top10) still occurs. Shifting players (or inbounds from other regions) can upset the power balance and form a new hero faction. Wave2 residents can move around wave2, or up the ante and transfer to wave1, but are never allowed to go to wave3 regions any more.

The wave transfer locking is done simply by closing the entry/exit for a region (or simply all regions in the wave) to prevent going to a lower activity wave:

  1. all waves entry is open for inbound, but only wave3 is open for exit/outbound
  2. wave3 inbound closes, wave2 exit opens
  3. wave2 inbound closes, wave1 exit opens
  4. everyone can now only enter wave1 regions, afterwards, all outbound gates close
    Wave3 exit door is open throughout the whole transfer window, but wave3 entry is closed off before the exit door of other waves open.
    Wave2 exit door opens when wave3 entry closes, while entry is open

Tout ceux qui sont en vague 1 sont coincé je pense aux joueur de niveau moyens ou à des joueurs de niveau faible ce sentent piège…

Personally I lived the 8v8. It actually helped our activity. With at least 10 always trying to get in que it helped more ppl stay interested with 2 more spots to fill

Thanks, that’s a great explanation. I suspect I’m in wave 1 since I used to be in more competitive factions. We sometimes do well still, it just depends on the event and how many people are available. But I think we must be in wave 1 because it’s so difficult to accomplish anything playing just and hour or two a day. I used to feel like I got more out of it but it’s starting to feel like the game is just focused on the top players.

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You can check here.

Or here. This ones more updated apparently.


Oh cool, thanks!

Yes, looks like we’re in 1A. Whitfield.

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