CRW 4/14 Issue Announcement

(You should be receiving this message in-game shortly.)

This weekend, there was an issue for a large number of players participating in CRW.

Although we were able to solve the issue within a few hours, we were not able to offer every player the quality experience we intended.

As a result, we will be sending out a one-time gift package to players that you can expect to receive within 24 hours. Thank you for your patience and support!


x2 war can refills
3 trainer crate
8600 Gear Markers
500 Aqua Marine Necklaces


This gesture goes a long way, cheers Kali!


↑ Agreed. We appreciate that the issue is acknowledged and a gesture of apology is made


Fair nuff. Thx for owning it.

Release lori 6* :grin:


Thank you Kalishane and Scopely team. I know I do appreciate the gesture.

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Thanks its much appreciated

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Thank you for your thoughts and support!

I apologize it took so long – we’re working on process to make it a bit faster if this happens again.


I wasn’t really expecting anything, because it did run the length it was supposed to even tho the start time was off.
This was a move of goodwill towards the players and we appreciate it and you CAN take that to the team @kalishane.


Damage control Wednesdays!


I normally never log in to actually post, but I have to say that this brightened my day a little. I didn’t expect anything either, but they proved us wrong :slight_smile:


I understand that. Hoping we can turn it around sooner in the future to prevent it!

Thanks Survivor!


It’s defiantly much appreciated! Really enjoying stocking up on these gear markers! Saving them for a rainy day :clap: Thank you!

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No bloody shirts?

Kinda was looking forward to 3 war can refills…

LOL… why not 5 cans

Honestly this is awesome, @kalishane I hope you understand what this means to the players. Especially the players who have been around since the beginning. I hope in the future problems like this dont occur but if they do I hope even more that the accountability continues.

Thank you. I hope these wars replace local wars due to way higher numbers of players in them. Matching is still hit and miss but have to take good with bad.

Wow! It has been 3 hours and no one has complained yet about not being entitled to free stuff?

Seriously though this is great. Not a hiking boot in sight.

Thank you very much, this definitely goes a long way with the player community!

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