:alert: CRW 04/14 - 04/15 Status

Good Afternoon,

Here’s the region groupings for the CRW this Friday. The following regions get their own War:
Darlington (EN) Greenwood (EN) Orangeburg (ES) Allen (TR) Bedford (繁体)

Group Region Group Region Group Region
Group A Newton (RU) Group B Walker (EN) Group C Charlton (DE)
Group A Burke (EN) Group B Stewart (ES) Group C Catoosa (FR)
Group A Houston (EN) Group B Warren (EN) Group C Gwinnett (ES)
Group A Worth (EN) Group B Berrien (EN) Group C Fayette (RU)
Group A Jasper (EN) Group B Pierce (EN) Group C Camden (FR)
Group A Cherokee (DE) Group B Bleckley (EN) Group C Chatham (DE)
Group A Coweta (EN) Group B Hart (EN) Group C Cook (EN)
Group A Brantley (EN) Group B Heard (EN) Group C Laurens (ES)
Group D Carroll (EN) Group E Miller (EN) Group F Meriwether (RU)
Group D Bryan (EN) Group E Brooks (EN) Group F Glascock (ES)
Group D Talbot (EN) Group E Bartow (EN) Group F Jeff Davis (EN)
Group D Gilmer (EN) Group E Choctaw (EN) Group F Tuscaloosa (DE)
Group D Wheeler (EN) Group E Troup (EN) Group F Chattooga (EN)
Group D Irwin (EN) Group E Pulaski (EN) Group F Blount (EN)
Group D Rabun (EN) Group E Bibb (EN) Group F Bath (IT)
Group D Pike (EN) Group E Franklin (EN) Group F Bell (JA)
Group G Elbert Group H Edgefield (EN) Group I Clarke (DE)
Group G Fannin (PT) Group H McDuffie (EN) Group I Thomas (ES)
Group G Toombs (PT) Group H Taliaferro (RU) Group I Terrell (EN)
Group G Early (PT) Group H DeKalb (EN) Group I Union (FR)
Group G Wayne (PT) Group H Ballard (PT) Group I Jones (RU)
Group G Emanuel (PT) Group H Cullman (EN) Group I Murray (ES)
Group G Twiggs (PT) Group H Augusta (ES) Group I Cobb (EN)
Group G Lumpkin (PT) Group H Monroe (FR) Group I Wilkes (EN)
Group J Dawson Group K Mitchell (EN) Group L Webster (EN)
Group J Appling (EN) Group K Tift (ES) Group L Telfair (FR)
Group J Baker Group K Polk (RU) Group L Tattnall (EN)
Group J Echols (EN) Group K Spalding (EN) Group L Glynn (ES)
Group J Calhoun (EN) Group K Banks (EN) Group L Turner (ES)
Group J Floyd (EN) Group K Stephens (EN) Group L Jenkins (EN)
Group K Harris (EN) Group L Johnson (FR)
Group K Lincoln (EN) Group L Long (EN)
Group M Treutlen (KO) Group N Dade (EN) Group O Clayton (IT)
Group M Screven (EN) Group N Talladega (FR) Group O Coffee (IT)
Group M Rockdale (EN) Group N Autauga (EN) Group O Clay (FR)
Group M Boone (繁体) Group N Russell (RU) Group O Clinch (FR)
Group M Whitfield (EN) Group N Bullock (EN) Group O Jackson (ES)
Group M Randolph (EN) Group N Effingham (EN) Group O Grady (ES)
Group M Paulding (EN) Group N Hale (ES) Group O Dooly (RU)
Group M Washington (EN) Group N Limestone (PT) Group O Gordon (ES)
Group P Shelby (RU) Group Q Atkinson Group R Perry (RU)
Group P Adair (TR) Group Q Greene Group R Winston (DE)
Group P Butler (EN) Group Q Sumter Group R Montgomery (EN)
Group P Chambers (EN) Group Q Baldwin Group R Elmore (EN)
Group P Chilton (EN) Group Q Fulton Group R Lawrence (ES)
Group P Albert (EN) Group Q Douglas (KO) Group R Bulloch (EN)
Group P Crenshaw (EN) Group R Walton (EN)
Group P Peach (FR) Group R Butts (EN)
Group S Henry (EN) Group T Upson (EN) Group U Columbia (JA)
Group S Bacon (EN) Group T Pooler (ES) Group U Taylor (EN)
Group S Lowndes (EN) Group T Wilcox (EN) Group U Anderson (KO)
Group S Lithonia (RU) Group T Oglethorpe (RU) Group U Richmond (EN)
Group S Decatur (EN) Group T Lee (DE) Group U Putnam (EN)
Group S Habersham (EN) Group T Muscogee (ES) Group U Pickens (EN)
Group S Wilkinson (EN) Group T Geneva (ES) Group U Candler (EN)
Group S White (EN) Group T Madison (EN) Group U Ware (EN)
Group V Mobile (PT) Group W Dodge (KO) Group X Dougherty (EN)
Group V Colbert (EN) Group W Crisp (KO) Group X Barrow (EN)
Group V Oconee (PT) Group W Colquitt (TR) Group X Roswell (PT)
Group V Etowah (EN) Group W Hancock (TR) Group X Conecuh (EN)
Group V Lauderdale (ES) Group W Seminole (EN) Group X Forsyth (EN)
Group V Ben Hill (EN) Group W Barbour (EN) Group X Lanier (EN)
Group V Marengo (PT) Group W Schley (EN) Group X Dallas (EN)
Group V Marshall (PT) Group W Evans (PT) Group X Liberty (EN)
Group Y Chattahoochee (EN) Group Z Towns (TR)
Group Y Tallapoosa (FR) Group Z Hall (EN)
Group Y Cleburne (EN) Group Z Quitman (EN)
Group Y Jefferson (EN) Group Z Lamar (EN)
Group Y Coosa (EN) Group Z Dale (EN)
Group Y Covington (EN) Group Z Macon (EN)
Group Y Escambia (EN) Group Z Marion (EN)
Group Y Morgan (EN) Group Z McIntosh (EN)

Group Q with the ogs Greene, Fulton, Atkinson, Sumter and Baldwin!! Dude we’re the dead region brotherhood, where’s Dawson though lmao

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Thank you @SandySurvivor for this information as I feel this is something we all love to see and I hope this is something you do before all CRW’s :smiley:.

I was able to help relay this information in a couple LINE chats to help spread the word.

Thanks again!


Agreed with Trolly!! Thanks Sandy!


Thank you!

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thank you! this is the kind of info we LOVE to have in advance


Upgraded to group j :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m wondering if this is the CRW ladder. Top 2 regions go up bottom 2 go down

Plus we were all English speaking, now we have a Korean server in there. Please @kalishane, give us Dawson back!

Finally no more webster yeesss we can’t get but destroy by those dang immortal elites
:slight_smile: thank you

Thanks for the heads up.

A little feedback: The design of the table is not so great. It’s hard to read and find your region, especially on mobile devices. You guys might reconsider that.

Oldie EVANS (PT) - Group W
So we’re the ONLY PORTUGUESE server there?
The timezone from portugal to korea is like 9hours. wtf

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Team Troup :trophy::medal_sports:

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Christ ofc scopely gives us White region RIP. XD

Are the groups reflective to overall activity level, random or is there another selection criteria? Just curious, if you can share that would be great. Thanks.

Reply from a different thread:
I do group the regions together for CRW, this month is a bit tighter on similar strengths. The matches are made from several variables including the strength of the active factions on the region, what time of day players are most active, and the total number of active factions. There are other variables taken into consideration and I make adjustments before each event. The strategy of grouping can change, especially now with 8 regions. Regions open at the same time don’t necessarily have similar strengths.

Thank you for the reply. I appreciate you sharing the information. I see my region at L in the alphabet, which kind of corresponds on what I would say our collective activity is. I know there are other factors, but it’s fair to say activity and strength is a key component, no? Again, thank you for the information.

It would be fair to say that the variables that I listed to play a major role in determining which regions are grouped together. I’m unable to share what variables have a higher priority than others. Also the letters used are random, that’s why I used letters instead of numbers (which implies ranking).

Think I’ll retire when my region makes it to the unlimited coins crw

Start time of CRW?

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