What stage do you farm for it? Papa needs another stun sword and needs more bronze, whats your personal favorite bronze spot. I’ve farmed in most section dozens of times, havent found a sweet spot, whats yours?

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They are everywhere and nowhere at the exact same time. I’m in a similar boat like you with the stupid Metal Cutters. Getting all those dt’s and pk’s put a massive dent in the reserves. I also seem to get your bronze from every single stage I run and very seldom get a break with finding metal cutters. I will say it again the game knows what you need and will cheat it’s ass off to keep it from you.

The 13’s probably gives you the most chances as they have the best cost to reward ratio.

Workshop roadmap on Saturdays.

How do you get stun on a weapon? Is it already on there and then upgrade it or is it from an upgrade in armory? I’ve not seen anything in armory about adding stun to weapons. Im sorry I don’t know alot about the game I just do wat I can with wat I got

With a boatload of luck.

Simple rule for Red, Blue, and Yellow its defender 3
For Green its Slayer 3 for stun. Raider 3 for ap down.
Memorize that.

Also in Saturdays workshop drops very rare…i spent 5 cans to get only 60 metal cutters! Try it and tell if u get more.I doubt

If you craft meele weapons you lack crude bronze, if you craft range you lack metal cutter…

Ametuer lol

OP I farmed 12-4 and 15-1 for ages, mainly do 13-3 and 13-5 now

Thanks for all the input

23-1 is where I farm them if I’m feeling lazy

25-5 is where it’s at tho

I always farm 7-1 for survivors plus get plenty of crude bronze at only 3 energy

Had the same problem a few weeks ago, tried some stages and 12:4 seems to be the best stage for me, most of the time u will get at least one, got 5 yesterday but can also happen it gives nothing, since then im able to keep up with my failure of crafting.