Crude Bronze (Please Help)

I am purely melee and have to use crude bronze(and upwards of 50+) per craft. And now that I’m lvl125 and have used all my kits and tape going for stuns on green weapons(getting just one) I am still working. However I’m out of bronze and it takes a long time to farm for it. Does anyone have any pointers? Am I missing something?

@kalishane is there anyway we can get some sort of way to farm for specific items for crafting like bronze? Would be extremely helpful! Thanks so much.


Guess I don’t use it. Have 5191 and sell it for food as needed.

I’ve for a few months been getting very few as well. It’s also seems they’ve even reduced the 1&2*'s weapons. So I figured today I would look elsewhere, I did territories for first time in 6-8 months and got tons of weapons, bronze crude, and a couple characters that were 3*'s. It was when clearing zombies and got to do it almost twice because I didn’t add any teams, so when cleared it went back to being overrun.

Just a thought, but maybe they are doing this so people are forced to use the dumbest add-on to TWD, territories!??

5k? Fuckkkkk…

I’m always out… And farming daily I barely get 8-10, which does nothing for me.

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I’m ranged and the same happened to me with the metal cutters. I did a lot of crafting when I hit 110 and 115. Now that I am taking a break from crafting they are slowly building back up. Went from 0 to 340 and I really am not farming outside of doing the daily gear map and the Saturday one. They drop everywhere but not all the time. Assuming the bronze is similar.

Good luck with your crafts and farming.

Same happened to me around the time we had all those energy expensive roadmaps. So my regular farming suffered. But as Burlzy mentioned world stages 13 are good for these. As is SR I noticed. Good luck. :+1:

Best place is Workshop, Easy {stage 1} - use a drop lead. I’ve had drops of 6 at a time, and it’s only 3 energy per run, not to mention it is very quick to farm. Also drops metal cutters if you’re ranged.

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Interesting, I have 5k+ bronze and metal cutters.

I’m also level 286 on SR, got a lot of crafting parts from that too as I recall.

Crude Bronze and Metal Cutters here usually :see_no_evil:

Use all your energy on the workshop roadmap when it comes up. Running it a few times every time it’s up should keep you plenty stocked of everything you could need.

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This roadmap gives crude bronze? I usually skip it

The drops are awful though.-.- the nr.13 stages is what cured my bronze fuckup. You’ll get more from them in the end.

I have a similar issue but since it is ranged weapons my chronic shortage is Chemistry Sets. The best location to get them to drop moves around, you can easily check for the current hot spot. Go to your inventory (or anywhere they are displayed - like the list of items needed for a craft.)

Click on icon pic

Click on where to find

Click on stages

Farm em. Works for items & gear.