Crude Bronze/Metal Cutters


I know many posts and suggestions for this. Can we please see something ASAP for this?

Whether a new building to produce them. A new scav that is quick that gives out mass quantities(100+). Or start giving them out on every map stage at 2-3 per. Or even 1 per energy used on the map.




Maybe …


If only we had some kind of supply depot that we could buy goods from, right? :wink:


Misled myself


The whole ingredients used and crafting need a complete makeover… To include drops from farming… Whole game is rng, can’t even just give us simple stuff… Smh


Theres nothing wrong with ghosting and its not relevant to this guys topic.

I have been farming the 3rd stage on the Workshop roadmap today, and have gotten over 50.


Why are you trolling? Ghosting literally has nothing to do with this…


Was thinking the metalworking set. My bad


Are you a new player?


Farming sucks and it takes close to 100 of them if you need all the other parts as well. There is a depot let me just buy this crap already.


Agree! It takes a huge amount of Crude Bronze for each level 3 slayer mod. I had 900cb not too long ago and hit rock bottom like 2 weeks ago because of that.


I don’t think this has ever been a problem for me. How are people running out of so much of this basic crap?


Every mod can take close to 100 if you need to craft the other parts like the laser sights, gun action, open sights, etc. Craft every other day and this crap runs out even with all the freebies from 100-125. The metal cutter can drop on nearly every stage the problem is they don’t most of the time. You would think the workshop one would be good to farm but nope it sucks.


When I hit level 125 and got the 25 kits and tape, I was crafting or upgrading 2 armories every day. It’s not just the bronze I needed but rubber padding which needs bronze and enclosed hilts which need bronze and rubber padding. It’s only been a problem having that many craft/upgrade attempts.


Oh i know, i struggle to keep up with my slayer 3 crafts. It should be buyable in the Depot, literally the biggest chokehold in the game right now for me.
But it has nothing to do with ghosting :wink:


Of course not. It’s everything to do with crappy rng and the fact that Scopely likes to put a stranglehold on necessary items. Although this one is odd because it’s not like they sell them for cash. Chalk this one up to plain oversite with the ton of free duct tapes they gave out.


I’m about halfway through my level 125 Duct Tapes. I’ve had to craft some parts but only a few 3★ and 4★ ones. Farming and disassembly keeps me topped up of most items. Approx Crude Bronze and 2,800 Metal cutters.


Rng plays a big part in that. Get lucky farming and your in better shape than most. The other thing to consider is are you crafting both melee and ranged or just one? I’m 99% ranged till now so I have a crap ton of melee parts but am super low on ranged. Good news is I got what I need and with the last 25 dk’s I might start working on melee just in case or most likely just start stockpiling again.