Crowdsourced TheoryCrafting: most efficient way to complete AR missions

I’ve got one person willing to hop into my faction and put up Elena as faction ally after this weekend’s faction events. What’s the most efficient way to get her to AR the maximum amount of times if I can hire her only once?

  • Human world map with huge leader and huge weapon? leader will only defend (never kill anyone). Elena hits one target every turn, ARs every third turn. If she’s single-hit killing the targets, I need at least 60 targets (probably more because she’s going to bleed kill as well). Most world stages have a maximum of 6 stages, 5 per stage.
  • Are there world stages that have revives? That would give me more ARs per hire if they bring each other back.
  • AP gain teammates? Can someone let her AR every turn or 2 of every 3 turns? Who are the choices for this, and who’s best? Doc Stevens?
  • Walker world map, again with a huge leader and huge weapon? Leader will only defend (never kill anyone). Elena hits one target every turn, will AR every third turn. will likely have more targets than a human stage but might need a healer along as well.
  • other suggestions?

You do mission 25-8 with 6 stages.
Bring only rtevives and healers with little to non attack.
Take long time but you do it in one go


Maybe full heal and revive against the last stage of walkers.
I have Elena and Yumiko, the others I need help too hahaha

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just run a double shield double revive team and here and just do it manually

My concern is more that she will kill the targets too quickly before she hits 20 ARs. Is that not a concern? I’ve been known to overthink things.

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she need 10ar
if you bring non attackers with her she attacks so low so no problem getting ten ar attacks

Ah. I was thinking 20 ARs. That’s like, half the effort I thought it would be.

she doesn’t have damage, maybe you can control it

I went into the last world stage with whatever faction support I needed to use and then just had a team of 2 or 3 healers that did no damage ARs just let the support do all the work popping their AR over and over to kill everyone

We have been running 7.7 with 8percent toons.
Only use the faction support toon to hit, and have the others defend.


I’ve been doing human stages and only attacking with the toon needed for AR missions. The downside is you have physically play and not auto play.

I think if you want to auto the stage try doing like a 2 man team & the supporter with weapons that don’t give AR boost.

Bring in a command toon, ap wave weapons, active ap gaining skills. If she ar’s a turn early with a command toon, or uses her ar at the end of a wave to kill the last toon (commanded to end a wave) then she won’t have the cool down turn next wave.

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Great tip!

@LadyGeek can you just ask Scopley to put up a road map using Elena as the support character. This would help out us common folk that don’t have friends in high places. Also if they can rerun the Jiafeng Roadmap for us who completed it before the event started.

I know this would be helping out Scopley’s player base and that is something Scopley does not like to do but maybe just maybe they could help us common folk out.


Will AR’s count from Draft Arena’s? That might be another way of doing it?

I’ve heard draft arenas do count, but that’s way too random. I prefer borrowing one.

Zombie stages help you and your faction work off those missions too tho :zombie:

And what happen if nobody in my region have Elena or Jiafeng? Good job scopely


I’m sure most ppl already cleared all the Walker missions, especially with a SR event running, I know I did. She asked how to clear the missions I gave her a answer on how I’m doing it.

I did 9-5 with an ap leader and the toon. Worker perfectly and got the challenges done in one swoop

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