CrossRegionWar Cheats


War starts, 59.58 min left and the enemy faction got all 3 towers… 2 seconds into the match
Cheats or different time zone?( haha)


or this kept on going through the whole war against a russian team without Anyone of us attacking. Also take a empty tower was not possible kept getting that it was taken.


I think its a glitch cause i saw it when trying to take a tower then after a few seconds it was captured by my faction.


Need to put an end to cheating. Make it policy if anyone on a faction is caught cheating every member has to forfeit the rewards as well as take a one-month suspension from all faction activities. That will make these factions think twice about allowing a hacker into it.


Same thing happened to me


They used to ban entire factions, not sure if they’re still doing it


Yea right. They don’t even ban Mac attack hackers with picture proof. The forum administer told me they have to sort through all the witch hunts since there are so many false claims. Sorry, a picture of a raid with a Mac in it should be all the proof you need.


Yeah, we know things aren’t right. Sometimes we just need to say it even though we know nothing will come of it.


What’s a Mac attack?


blue 2* mac. attacking a s5++ team taking no damage and winning. Mac attack


Gotcha. I was envisioning either Apple computers or McDonald’s. The former making at least a little more sense than the the latter.


Now you have gone and done it. I want a big mac. Too bad they never actually look like this. So bad for you and yet so good. :hamburger:


If they cant cheat they will just find some sort exploit and take advantage of it


I don’t understand hacking… how is it fun? Surely there is zero satisfaction in beating someone by cheating. In fact, if anything, you’ve just demonstrated to your opponant you suck at the game because you cant beat them properly.


Cuz they’re gud :man_shrugging:


Not alot of difference between cheating and paying for advantage if u ask me…


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