Crosshair with Hiegyen

Does the crosshair works?

Not only they not die but they kill me and the crosshair symbol was gone, I been trying Hengyen 6* on my team but his active skill head hunter that causes crosshair it’s not working at all or I’m not using right?


yes they work
but some toons can remove it

Zach rushed and cleared crosshairs


Ok it can be removed but it wasn’t the case for this example and so far didn’t work for me with similar scenarios character hit by Hiegyen with crosshair on it still killing any of my team and nothing happened

look at this he kill me and he still got crosshair on it

We would need videos from the pictures it looks like zach cleared or the crosshairs timed out. I havent seen any issues with him but I havent used him much.

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Do you know how crosshair works? You need to kill the enemy to make the skill work.


you need to crit hit then kill before crosshair dissapear

Yes, but op failed in kill any enemy before crosshair gone


Ok thanks for the input ,i guess I miss understand crosshair, it works when you kill some one under the effect of crosshair not when they kill me under the crosshair effect .

My understanding is… crosshairs allows any toon to decapitate whoever the crosshairs are placed on. But you have to kill them while crosshairs is on them. If it goes away you have to reapply crosshairs for it to work.

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working as intended

I was about to say the exact same thing! :sweat_smile:

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