Crossbones - Just bad luck?

I’ve opened a lot of bags. I haven’t had a single crossbone yet.

At what point does Scopely admit that the R in RNG stands for either Regulated or Restricted and not Random at all?

I have doubted the randomness for some time, but now I’m sure it’s rigged. If it’s not, I’d like to know how in the last week I’ve pulled the same 4* Sam Fairbanks 9 times across 4 regions. How can that be random?

Has anyone else been completely swindled by crossbones and received NONE?


Surely all those you’ve opened aren’t the bonus bags with crossbones as a potential prize? Mystery bags are any kind of bag with a selection of items inside, it counts war crates, scavenger mission bags, gear map crates etc.

mystery bags are also war crates and other RNG based bags, not just crossbone bags. So, the odds of getting crossbones on the stages with crossbones and trainers is really low. Rely on crossbones from the roadmaps alpha, negan and governor as well as the event missions for 200 and 300 of each item collected for bandages, masks and lucilles

I have opened 40 crates and only got bennies, no gold, no mods.
Don’t get me wrong, 600 benedicts is nothing to be upset about, but the odds must be worse than getting an ascendable on premium pulls.


I would of preferred gold from one of the crates
But i did get one crossbone from a bonus bag, So i am going to be able to get Piper before it ends.


I have opened 70 crates, 3 x 25 golds mods and 1 x 20K coins. The rest benedicts and yeah the odds are not great to say the least, but it is free to get.

I pulled one and you know what? I should have now 4/8 but still have 3/8. It didnt count.
Im not pissed I dont even care about this stupid event and piper :roll_eyes:

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Congrats! I hope my luck changes if I get anymore. Aye it’s free to play and I’m happy with bennies but would love just to get 1 lot of coins.

I got 1 crossbone and the rest trainers. I’ve also opened 70 of the blue crates and have only recieved benidicts. I have 1 more set of blue crates and a bunch more white bags and I have no expectations to get coins, mods, or crossbones. I wont even open the rest the white bags because I have over 2000 in my roster now and it will take me ages to clear it.

anyone would be happy with the free coins for sure! And free feels good - whatever company says that slogan lol.

All Benny’s for me. I have open tons of bags.

Not bad luck, it’s a joke the rate that cross bones drop.

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